Sustainability at our Trust


We are committed to integrating sustainable development into our core business and ensuring our use of resources is efficient

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sustainability strategy 2015


We recognise that, as a healthcare provider that promotes wellbeing, we have a responsibility to maximise our contribution to creating social value and ensure that our use of resources is efficient thus maximising the funds available for patient care.

Our pledge

As a large organisation, we acknowledge the impact we have on the local economy, society and environment and are therefore committed to continually work to actively integrate sustainable development into our core business. Read about our Sustainability Team and access the minutes of our Sustainabilty Committee from our Board Papers.

For some years we have used the national Good Corporate Citizen model as a broad framework for our activities in this area.  The model includes eight main themes:

  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Facilities Management
  • Employment and Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • Buildings
  • Adaptation
  • Models of Care.

There are also some underlying themes which extend across a number of these areas, for example - carbon reduction, partnership working, reducing inequalities, health improvement.    

Each year we undertake a review of our progress, using the Good Corporate Citizen self-assessment tool. Departments and groups from across the whole Trust contribute and there are close links with Trust's Sustainability Strategy and carbon reduction activities.  The Sustainability Group coordinates this area of our work.


Sustainable Development Plan

Our plan will ensure that we understand, commit to, and will realise our responsibilities as a public organisation and help to guarantee that we fulfil the needs of today without compromising those of future generations.

Recycling energy bike waste

Recycling and waste

Find out what we're doing to recycle as much as we can in all areas.


What we're doing to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste.



We're promoting sustainable travel to our patients and our staff, find out more. 


Purchasing goods & services

We're committed to supporting sustainable suppliers