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Patients, relatives and friends and other groups of individuals make donations and provide legacies to the Hospital Trust’s Charitable Fund to assist with the work of the hospitals.

Every year up to £500,000 is kindly donated and used to purchase equipment and extra items that we would not otherwise be able to afford.

Recent items purchased include a neonatal ventilator, a radiation planning system a non-invasive ventilator as well as items of ward furniture, Video Larynscopes and other items like:

The Affinity Birthing Beds and accessories 

Five birthing beds have been purchased through the Charity. The beds can be changed into a chair if a woman wishes for comfort and the mattresses are much more comfortable and are easier to use with the ability to take greater weights of up to 250kgs. 

Senior Midwifery Manager & Matron Cathy Molloy said: “We have purchased a couple before that and we were very pleased with them but didn’t have the finances to replace all of our beds at one time.  With the help of League of Friends we have now replaced a further six beds (we have fifteen in total) and only five left to replace which is excellent.”


The Neonatal Intensive Care pendant and monitors 

DCC pendantThe three Neonatal Monitors and Pendants purchased with funds from the Hospital Trust’s Charitable Fund are on the new Neonatal Unit in the Women’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The equipment keep leads off the floor, is easier to move and keep clean. Clinical Nurse Manager Wendy Owen said: “It is much more like a modern intensive care ward now, the setting is more attractive”.

The Womens Centre are actively fundraising to make further improvements to their unit. If you would like to support them check out our events page here.


The Vivid 7 and Vivid Q Monitors

Katy BrownThese ECG monitors enable our staff to perform urgent IP echocardiograms right at the patient’s bedside and also assist during emergency procedures.

Enhancing the comfort experienced by patients, allowing them to stay in their surroundings for tests that otherwise would have to be done in a specialist environment. The mobility of this new equipments allows for the quicker pace of treatments.

Additionally, the imaging produced by the new monitors is clearer and sharper than anything on the market previously.


Patients across the county are now benefitting from a mobile Diabetic Eye Screening service thanks to donations.

The additional service will further enhance the existing treatment provided by the Gloucestershire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (GDESP) in the community.

The screening offers an alternative to some GP surgeries, and organisers anticipate it will enable screening of up to 10,000 patients each year and will help provide support for the increasing numbers of patients being diagnosed with diabetes in the County.

Over £51,000 of our Hospital’s Charitable Funds donations and £36,638 from the Stroud Hospitals League of Friends has helped finance the new van.


Video Larngyscopes help to improve patient safety

Simon WebsterConsultant Anesthetist Simon Webster presented a compelling case for funding new video laryngoscopes at a recent charitable funds committee meeting.

A laryngoscope is an instrument that facilitates the placement of a breathing tube into a patients trachea (windpipe).

The standard type allows for 15 degrees of vision, but in some patients placing this tube can be hard, difficult or in extreme circumstances impossible. The latter two situations can be life threatening.

Simon explained that a videolaryngoscope (VL) allows 45 degrees of vision and can convert a difficult placement of breathing tube into a easy situation. He said: “With our increasingly obese population and more junior anesthetists we are seeing the need for VL use increase.

“There are potentially life threatening situations where swelling and abnormalities of the airway meaning traditional laryngoscope use fails. This recently occurred in ED at CGH and without a borrowed VL one patient would very likely have died but he made an excellent recovery.

“By the charitable fund supporting the purchase of these VL’s we are improving patient safety and providing world class care to both adults and children.”


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