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Information for patients

Our Trust Library service can print out individual leaflets if needed.  For contact details of the Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospital Library please click here.

Information for staff

If you would like to create a new or update an existing leaflet, please contact the Patient Information Team on ext 5732 / 5734 (GRH).


Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) Anaesthetics  Bereavement
 Blood Transfusion Brain Injury  Breast Care
 Cardiology  Chronic and Acute Pain Services Clinical Haematology
Clinical Skills Colorectal Complaints and PALS
Critical Care Dermatology Diabetes
Dietetics Easy Read Emergency Department
Endoscopy ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Gastroenterology
 General Old Age Medicine (GOAM) General Surgery  Gloucestershire Continence Services
Gynaecology Hearing Services Immunology
Infection Control Lymphoedema Maternity
Medical Day Unit (MDU) Medical Photography Medical Physics
Microbiology Neonatal Neurology
Nuclear Medicine Occupational Therapy Oncology
Ophthalmology Oral and Maxillo Facial Outpatients
Paediatric Continence Service Paediatrics Palliative Care
Pathology Patient Experience Pharmacy
Phototherapy Physiotherapy Pre-operative Assessment
Psychology Radiology  Radiotherapy
Renal Respiratory Resuscitation
Spiritual Care Services Stoma Care Stroke
Theatre and Day Surgery  Tissue Viability  Trauma and Orthopaedics
Upper GI Urology Vascular


Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC)

Pneumonia GHPI1360_01_16.pdf

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Pre-operative anaemia GHPI1425_04_17.pdf

Regional anaesthesia (nerve block) GHPI0968_03_16.pdf

Your anaesthetic GHPI0005_09_15.pdf


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Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit

Autonomic mediated (neurocardiogenic) syncope GHPI0319_07_17.pdf

Epley manoeuvre for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) GHPI1393_10_16.pdf


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Bereavement GHPI1092_10_16.pdf

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Blood Transfusion

Click here to view the NHS Blood and Transfusion patient information

Refusal of a blood transfusion or blood products (adults) GHPI1354_11_15.pdf

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Brain Injury

Gloucestershire Brain Injury Team GHPI0871_11_16.pdf

Managing fatigue after brain injury GHPI1016_05_16.pdf

The Gloucestershire Brain Injury Team GHPI0249_12_16.pdf

Brain Injury Team Early Discharge Scheme GHPI1261_10_17.pdf

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Breast Care

Breast Cancer Care

Macmillan Cancer Support  

NHS Choices cancer information 

Nipple and areola tattooing GHPI0537_06_15.pdf

Maggie’s cancer support website

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British Heart Foundation

Cardiac catheterisation - Discharge information CGH GHPI0097_09_15.pdf

Cardiac catheterisation CGH GHPI0349_09_15.pdf

Coronary angioplasty - Discharge information CGH GHPI0225_09_15.pdf

Coronary angioplasty CGH GHPI0229_09_15.pdf

Direct Current (DC) Cardioversion GHPI1235_02_15.pdf

Pacemaker (PPM) Advice for going home GHPI1170_04_16.pdf

Topical antibacterial suppression inpatient treatment GHPI1442_11_17.pdf

Topical antibacterial suppression outpatient instructions GHPI1183_11_17.pdf

Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE) GHPI0758_04_16.pdf

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Chronic and Acute Pain Services

Acupuncture for the treatment of pain GHPI0197_06_15.pdf

Chemical sympathectomy injection GHPI0444_05_16.pdf

Coeliac plexus block injection GHPI0445_05_16.pdf

Costochondral joint injections GHPI0397_05_16.pdf

Dorsal root ganglion nerve block injection GHPI0737_10_15.pdf

ENTONOX® (Gas and Air) GHPI1070_03_15.pdf

Epidural injection Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Caudal GHPI0446_05_16.pdf

Ganglion impar block injection GHPI1351_05_16.pdf

Genitofemoral nerve block injection GHPI1350_05_16.pdf

Injections for facet joint pain GHPI1095_05_16.pdf

Intracapsular hip block injection GHPI0396_05_16.pdf

Intravenous regional block injection GHPI0538_05_16.pdf

Lumbar Sympathectomy GHPI0539_02_15.pdf

Nerve entrapment injection GHPI0395_05_16.pdf

Occipital nerve block injection GHPI0740_05_16.pdf

Pain Clinic aftercare GHPI1096_09_17.pdf

Pain relief after major surgery GHPI0221_12_16.pdf

Para vertebral blocks Thoracic Lumbar GHPI0447_02_15.pdf

Piriformis injection GHPI1349_05_16.pdf

Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) treatment GHPI0802_05_16.pdf

Qutenza treatment GHPI1317_05_15_.pdf

Radio Frequency Denervation (RF) treatment GHPI0803_05_16.pdf

Sacro-Iliac joint injections GHPI1099_05_16.pdf

Spinal nerve root block injection GHPI0306_05_16.pdf

Stellate ganglion nerve block GHPI0739_02_15.pdf

Suprascapular nerve block injection GHPI1348_05_16.pdf

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) GHPI0541_07_15.pdf

Trigger point injections GHPI1097_05_16.pdf

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Clinical Haematology

Bone Marrow Biopsy GHPI0368_07_15.pdf

Going home after stem cell transplant GHPI1333_08_15.pdf

Haematology Clinic GHPI0135_05_15.pdf

Haematology Services - Information about the Multidisciplinary team and Keyworker GHPI0650_06_15_.pdf

High dose chemotherapy and haematopoietic stem cell transplant GHPI1326_07_15_.pdf

Peripheral blood stem cell mobilisation and harvesting GHPI1325_07_15.pdf

Prophylactic nebulised pentamidine GHPI0722_05_15.pdf

Therapeutic venesection GHPI0473_12_17.pdf


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Clinical Skills

Peripheral intravenous (IV) cannula GHPI0935_04_16.pdf

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Abdomino Perineal Excision of the Rectum (APER) GHPI0581_05_16.pdf

Anal cancer GHPI1251_04_16.pdf

Anterior resection GHPI0513_03_16.pdf

Banding of piles GHPI0997_11_16.pdf

Colon cancer GHPI0583_04_16.pdf

Discharge home after major abdominal or pelvic surgery GHPI1226_02_15.pdf

Enhanced recovery programme for colorectal surgery GHPI0815_10_16.pdf

Injection of piles GHPI0881_11_16.pdf

Left hemicolectomy GHPI0580_04_16.pdf

Rectal cancer GHPI0584_05_16.pdf

Right hemicolectomy or extended right hemicolectomy GHPI0582_04_16.pdf

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Complaints and PALS

Concerns and Complaints GHPI1398_09_17.pdf

Concerns and Complaints_cs_Czech.pdf

Concerns and Complaints_pl_Polish.pdf

Concerns and Complaints_sk_Slovak.pdf

Concerns and Complaints_zhcn_Mandarin.pdf

Patient Advice Liasion Service and Complaints GHPI1420_03_17.pdf

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Core Leaflets

Concerns and Complaints We're listening GHPI1398_06_16.pdf

Foundation Trust Membership GHPI1399_06_16.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_04_15.pdf

Information for carers attending Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust GHPI1044_01_17.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges, exemptions and reductions for patients, carers and visitors GHPI0423_05_15.pdf

Learning Disabilities Hospital Liaison Nurses GHPI1179_09_17.pdf

Making your stay with us safe GHPI1417_01_17.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_15.pdf

Supporting the carer or relative of inpatients with Dementia in our hospitals GHPI1205_05_15.pdf

The Friends and Family Test GHPI1374_10_16.pdf

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Critical Care

Critical Care at Cheltenham GHPI0176_12_15.pdf

Critical Care at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital GHPI0892_01_16.pdf

Temporary tracheostomy GHPI0891_12_15.pdf

Tracheostomy - Information for relatives and carers GHPI0868_12_15.pdf

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Advice for patients before having minor skin surgery GHPI1422_04_17.pdf

Atopic eczema advice for parents and carers of children and young people GHPI0711_08_17.pdf

Dermatology Day Surgery GHPI1065_04_17.pdf

Diphencyprone (DCP) treament GHPI1415_11_17.pdf

Patch testing GHPI0938_04_16.pdf

Taking care of your wound after surgery GHPI1426_05_17.pdf

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Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) pump therapy GHPI1267_09_17.pdf

Diabetes UK

Driving and Diabetes GHPI1141_03_17.pdf

Exercise advice for young people with diabetes GHPI1356_03_16.pdf

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) GHPI0358_08_17.pdf

How to adjust your insulin dose with basal bolus regime GHPI1290_11_17.pdf

Hypoglycaemia GHPI1143_07_17.pdf

Information for people starting GLP-1 agonist treatment GHPI1228_03_15.pdf

Managing Type 1 Diabetes at home GHPI1331_04_16.pdf

Planning a family and diabetes GHPI1419_02_17.pdf

Re-Education and Carbohydrate Counting (REACCT) sessions GHPI1006_07_17.pdf

Refresh education group for people with Type 2 diabetes treated with insulin GHPI1125_05_14.pdf

Sick Day Rules GHPI1144_05_15.pdf

Testing for ketones GHPI1140_09_17.pdf


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Home Enteral Feeding Team - Information for nursing homes GHPI1194_06_15.pdf

Home Enteral Feeding Team - Information for patients GHPI1195_06_15.pdf

Lipid and diet educational session GHPI1439_10_17.pdf

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) - Dietary advice GHPI0850_08_15.pdf

Type 1 Diabetes Carbohydrate ratios and making adjustments to the ratio GHPI1324_07_15.pdf

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Easy Read

Cataracts Easy Read GHPI1437_10_17.pdf

Coming to Endoscopy GHPI1424_06_17.pdf

Do you have a learning disability GHPI1414_01_17.pdf

Easy Read Membership Application form GHPI1423_06_17.pdf

Going home from hospital GHPI1278_06_17.pdf

Going to outpatients GHPI1148_01_17_.pdf

Going to the Emergency Department GHPI1147_05_15_.pdf

Having an X-ray GHPI1149_01_17.pdf

How we handle information about you GHPI1436_09_17.pdf

Patient Advice Liasion Service and Complaints GHPI1420_03_17.pdf

Tell us about you GHPI1176_04_16.pdf

Transition Moving to the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Health Care Service GHPI1175_06_17.pdf

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Emergency Department

Back pain GHPI0051_04_17.pdf

Buckle fracture GHPI1327_09_15.pdf

Care of your cast GHPI0058_07_15.pdf

Caring for child with a head injury GHPI0842_11_15.pdf

Caring for your child’s burn GHPI1018_01_16.pdf

Children’s Safeguarding Procedure in the Emergency Department GHPI0955_01_16.pdf

Corneal abrasions GHPI0184_01_16.pdf

Discharge advice for carers of adults who have sustained a head injury GHPI0840_07_15.pdf

Dog and cat bites GHPI0819_09_15.pdf

Fractured clavicle GHPI0034_04_16.pdf

Help for people who self-harm GHPI0809_04_15.pdf

Helping someone who self-harms GHPI0808_04_15.pdf

How to use crutches GHPI0023_03_16.pdf

Ice and heat treatment at home GHPI0659_04_17.pdf

Information on using a sling GHPI0941_08_15.pdf

Instructions for going home after having received sedation GHPI1027_09_15.pdf

Looking after your injured knee GHPI0052_04_17.pdf

Mallet finger GHPI0258_04_17.pdf

Neck pain GHPI0913_04_17.pdf

Osgood Schlatters Syndrome (OSS) GHPI0425_04_17.pdf

Plantar fasciitis GHPI0632_11_15.pdf

Pre-tibial laceration GHPI0895_02_16.pdf

Pulled elbow (radial head subluxation) GHPI0839_09_15.pdf

Soft tissue injuries affecting the wrist and hand GHPI0878_04_17.pdf

Soft tissue injuries to the foot and ankle GHPI0028_04_17.pdf

Subconjunctival haemorrhage GHPI0195_01_16.pdf

Thumb spica (strapping) GHPI0896_04_17.pdf

Vaginal bleeding and pain in early pregnancy GHPI1203_01_17.pdf

Wound care GHPI0767_04_15_A4.pdf

Wrist fracture GHPI0032_11_15.pdf

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Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) GHPI1208_12_16.pdf

Gastroscopy with Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) for oesophageal dysplasia GHPI1215_01_17.pdf

Giving yourself a Clyssie™ enema GHPI1359_12_15.pdf

Having a bronchoscopy GHPI0559_06_17.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - For a gastroscopy and colonoscopy afternoon appointment (Klean Prep) GHPI1164_09_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - For a gastroscopy and colonoscopy standard afternoon appointment GHPI1166_11_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - For a gastroscopy and colonoscopy standard morning appointment GHPI1167_11_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - For a gastroscopy and colonoscopy standard morning appt (Klean Prep) GHPI1165_11_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - For a standard afternoon appointment GHPI1135_11_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - For a standard morning appointment GHPI1136_11_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation - gastroscopy and colonoscopy afternoon appointment - using Klean Prep GHPI1164_08_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation for a morning appointment using Klean Prep GHPI1138_07_15.pdf

How to take your Bowel Preparation for afternoon appt GHPI1137_08_15.pdf

Information about day case ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography) GHPI0546_06_17.pdf

Oesophageal Endoscopic Resection (ER) GHPI1209_12_16.pdf

Undergoing a colonoscopy as an outpatient GHPI1077_08_15.pdf

Undergoing a flexible sigmoidoscopy as an outpatient GHPI1079_08_15.pdf

Undergoing a gastroscopy as an outpatient GHPI1081_08_15.pdf

Undergoing a gastroscopy with colonoscopy GHPI1210_08_15.pdf

Undergoing a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy PEG Tube procedure GHPI1117_09_15.pdf

Undergoing a Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCE) GHPI1247_11_15.pdf

Undergoing an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) GHPI0546_07_15.pdf

Undergoing an enteroscopy GHPI1246_06_17.pdf

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ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Department of ENT Arranging a date for surgery GHPI0776_05_15.pdf

Dry mouth GHPI0591_10_15.pdf

Major head and neck surgery GHPI0592_11_15.pdf

One Stop Neck Lump Clinic GHPI1190_05_16.pdf

Parotid Tumour and Parotid Surgery GHPI0430_08_15.pdf

Transnasal Flexible Laryngo Oesophagoscopy (TNFLO) GHPI1031_05_16.pdf

Treatment for early vocal cord cancer GHPI0974_12_16.pdf

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24 hour PH impedance monitoring GHPI1157_11_17.pdf

Anorectal Manometry GHPI0565_08_15.pdf

Biofeedback therapy GHPI0567_05_16.pdf

Endoanal ultrasound scan GHPI0568_05_16.pdf

Oesophageal manometry GHP0566_11_17.pdf

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Service GHPI0442_07_16_.pdf

Transrectal ultrasound scan GHPI0564_05_16.pdf

Welcome to Ward 7A GHPI1320_08_15.pdf

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General Old Age Medicine

Age UK

Delirium GHPI1174_06_15.pdf

Orthostatic hypotension GHPI0720_05_16.pdf

Recovering from illness GHPI1191_06_16.pdf

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General Surgery

Prescott Ward Cheltenham General Hospital GHPI0416_10_16.pdf

Welcome to the Surgical Admission Suite (SAS) GHPI1232_09_15.pdf

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Gloucestershire Continence Service

Bladder urgency and Overactive Bladder syndrome (OAB) GHPI0531_02_17.pdf

Catheter Passport GHPI1357_06_17.pdf

Collection of Mid-Stream Sample of Urine (MSSU) for adults GHPI1185_01_17.pdf

Fluid and caffeine intake for bladder and bowel health GHPI0533_02_17.pdf

Improving bowel function and control GHPI1412_01_17.pdf

Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC) for adults GHPI0855_12_15.pdf

Trial Without Catheter (TWOC) GHPI1411_05_17.pdf

Undergoing continence assessment - information for adults GHPI0530_05_15.pdf

Urinary flow rates tests with ultrasound bladder scans GHPI0680_08_17.pdf

Urodynamic investigation GHPI0622_09_16.pdf

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GynaecologyUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).

After having an endometrial biopsy and or a hysteroscopy GHPI0782_11_16.pdf

Body Mass Index (BMI) and Fertility GHPI0773_07_15_.pdf

Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid®) GHPI0463_07_15_.pdf

Colposuspension GHPI0086_10_15_.pdf

Diagnostic laparoscopy GHPI0863_08_15_.pdf

Donor Insemination (DI) GHPI0774_07_15_.pdf

Early miscarriage GHPI0870_01_17.pdf

Ectopic pregnancy GHPI0770_02_17.pdf

Endometrial ablation GHPI0633_08_16.pdf

Endometriosis and subfertility GHPI0458_07_15_.pdf

Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (ERPC) GHPI0131_08_16.pdf

Follow up appointments and advice on recurrence of gynaecological cancer GHPI0953_09_17.pdf

Gonadotrophin ovulation induction GHPI1085_07_15_.pdf

Gynaecological Cancer Services in Gloucestershire GHPI1273_05_17.pdf

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) GHPI0787_02_17.pdf

Hysterectomy GHPI0159_01_16.pdf

Hysteroscopic removal of fibroid GHPI0634_07_15_.pdf

Hysteroscopy Clinic for menstrual disorders GHPI1026_12_15.pdf

Hysteroscopy GHPI0522_07_15_.pdf

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) GHPI0456_07_15_.pdf

Information following a cervical biopsy GHPI0788_10_17.pdf

Information following a cervical smear test GHPI0781_10_17.pdf

Information for patients following Loop Diathermy treatment GHPI0789_08_16.pdf

Information regarding azoospermia or severe oligospermia GHPI0455_07_15_.pdf

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) GHPI0466_07_15_.pdf

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) GHPI0465_07_15_.pdf

Karyotyping and cystic fibrosis screening GHPI0775_07_15_.pdf

Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for endometriosis GHPI0796_01_16_.pdf

Laparoscopic Ovarian Diathermy (LOD) GHPI0462_07_15_.pdf

Laparoscopy and Dye Test GHPI0457_07_15_.pdf

Mirena Intrauterine System (IUS) GHPI0460_07_15_.pdf

Molar Pregnancy GHPI0771_02_17.pdf

Outpatient endometrial ablation under local anaesthetic GHPI1433_11_16.pdf

Outpatient endometrial polypectomy under local anaesthetic GHPI1408_06_17.pdf

Pelvic organ prolapse GHPI1334_01_16.pdf

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) GHPI0772_07_15_.pdf

Post-Menopausal Bleeding (PMB) Clinic GHPI0844_01_16_.pdf

Pre treatment information on Loop Diathermy (LLETZ) GHPI0790_11_16.pdf

Radical trachelectomy GHPI0670_02_16_.pdf

Sacrospinous fixation and pelvic floor repair GHPI0084_01_17.pdf

Sacrocolpopexy GHPI1283_01_18.pdf

Surgical management of miscarriage GHPI1223_01_17.pdf

Tension­free Vaginal Tape (TVT) GHPI0085_01_17.pdf

The Colposcopy Clinic GHPI0298_01_17.pdf

The use of metformin in Polycystic Ovaries GHPI0467_07_15_.pdf

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (THL) GHPI0869_08_16.pdf

Treatment of an ectopic pregnancy with methotrexate GHPI0975_01_17.pdf

Uterine fibroids (leiomyomas) GHPI0461_07_15_.pdf

Vaginal hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair GHPI0714_01_17.pdf

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Hearing Services

Hearing Services New Assessments GHPI1038_04_15.pdf

Hearing Services Vestibular Assessment GHPI1047_05_15.pdf

Lost hearing aid charges GHPI1304_05_15.pdf

Support for newly diagnosed babies with hearing loss GHPI1254_05_17.pdf

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Desensitisation for bee and wasp stings GHPI0173_05_15.pdf

General information for patients attending the Immunology Clinic GHPI0920_06_15.pdf

Suspected anaphylaxis GHPI1323_07_15.pdf

The use of Immunoglobulin IgG in antibody deficiency GHPI0290_05_15.pdf

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Infection Control

Clean hands save lives GHPI1379_04_16.pdf

Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) GHPI1073_05_15.pdf

How to use your MRSA screening postal kit GHPI1057_04_15.pdf

MRSA screening - Your questions answered GHPI0932_05_15.pdf

Preparing your skin before surgery GHPI1407_11_16.pdf

Treatment of Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) GHPI0329_03_17.pdf

Viral Gastroenteritis GHPI0550_02_15.pdf

Washing clothes at home GHPI1315_05_15.pdf

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Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurses

Learning Disabilities Hospital Liaison Nurses GHPI1179_09_17.pdf

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Library Services

How to find good quality health information on the internet GHPI1418_02_17.pdf

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Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) for lymphoedema (Lymphassist) - Home or clinic use GHPI1184_01_16.pdf

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) GHPI1347_01_16.pdf

Lymphoedema Compression (stockings, sleeves, wraps or bandaging) GHPI0828_08_15.pdf

What is Lymphoedema GHPI0824_06_15.pdf

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Alcohol and pregnancy GHPI0053_05_15.pdf

Amenity rooms at the Women's Centre GHPI0338_01_18.pdf

Amniocentesis GHPI0654_01_17.pdf

Amphetamines and pregnancy GHPI0054_07_15.pdf

Antenatal Hydronephrosis

‘Anti-D’ treatment for pregnant women with a ‘rhesus negative’ blood group GHPI1101_07_15.pdf

BCG tuberculosis (TB) vaccine for newborn babies GHPI0233_04_15.pdf

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) GHPI0655_02_16.pdf

Ferinject® Iron Infusion in Maternity GHPI0991_03_15.pdf

Frenulotomy - Separation of tongue­-tie GHPI0852_02_17.pdf

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Diabetes and pregnancy GHPI0358_10_15.pdf

Giving birth in a midwife ­led birth centre GHPI1139_01_17.pdf

Group B Streptococcus in pregnancy GHPI1306_03_15.pdf

Heroin and other opiates in pregnancy GHPI0056_09_15.pdf

Induction of labour - Information for women and their partners GHPI1102_08_15.pdf

Information and support following the loss of your baby before completion of 24 gestation GHPI0502_10_17.pdf

Jaundice in newborn babies GHPI0713_03_15_.pdf

Low-lying placenta and placenta praevia GHPI1301_07_15.pdf

Magnesium sulphate (MgS04) in pregnancy GHPI1373_12_16.pdf

Maternity Bereavement Support Service GHPI0018_01_17.pdf

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) in pregnancy GHPI1375_08_16.pdf

Partners staying overnight on the Maternity Ward GHPI1341_08_16.pdf

Planning a family and diabetes GHPI1419_02_17.pdf

Postnatal care of your stitches GHPI1249.pdf

Refusal of blood transfusion during pregnancy and after birth GHPI0958_08_15.pdf

Third and fourth degree tears following childbirth GHPI0960_02_16.pdf

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) GHPI1104_03_16.pdf

Vaginal bleeding and pain in early pregnancy GHPI1203_05_16.pdf

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Preventing blood clots when you are pregnant GHPI1155_05_15.pdf

Vitamin K Information for parents-to-be GHPI0451_07_15.pdf

Where to get support for breastfeeding GHPI0103_07_15.pdf

Your baby’s movements during pregnancy GHPI1342_06_17.pdf

Your weight during pregnancy GHPI0961_02_17.pdf

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Medical Day Unit (MDU)

 Ferinject® iron infusion GHPI1337_11_15.pdf

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Medical Photography

Medical photography consent GHPI0441_01_16.pdf

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Medical Physics

On Completion of your interventional Radiation procedure GHPI1056_02_15.pdf

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Mental Health Liaison Team

Mental Health Liaison Teams GHPI1441_12_17.pdf

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 Producing a sample of semen for examination GHPI0464_12_17.pdf

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A parent’s guide to consent on the Neonatal Unit GHPI0866_03_15.pdf

Baby car seat challenge GHPI1328_10_15_.pdf

Jaundice in newborn babies GHPI0713_03_15_.pdf

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) GHPI1329_07_15_.pdf

Transitional Care on the Neonatal Unit GHPI1340_10_15_.pdf

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Having a lumbar puncture GHPI0436_07_15.pdf

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Nuclear Medicine

Radioactive Iodine Therapy (RAI) - Outpatient treatment for Thyrotoxicosis GHPI1298_05_15.pdf

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BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic test for patients with ovarian cancer GHPI1395_10_16.pdf

Cancer of Unknown Primary Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) GHPI1378_03_16.pdf

Cancer of Unknown Primary Services GHPI1377_06_16.pdf

Cancer Research UK

Chemotherapy clinics for haematology patients GHPI1339_12_15.pdf

Chemotherapy, Haematology and Radiotherapy Clinics GHPI0569_12_15.pdf

Extravasation (Accidental leaking of drugs) GHPI0561_05_17.pdf

FOCUS Cancer Information and Support Centre GHPI0172_02_15.pdf

Having chemotherapy through an ambulatory pump GHPI0235_09_16.pdf

Head and Neck Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist GHPI0388_03_16.pdf

Hemi-thyroidectomy GHPI1207_05_17.pdf

Important information for patients having Chemotherapy or other supportive therapies GHPI1321_12_15.pdf

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) GHPI0976_02_15.pdf

Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) GHPI1028_09_17.pdf

Prostate Cancer UK

Radial forearm free flaps and skin grafts GHPI1211_12_16.pdf

Septicaemia risk to chemotherapy and haematology patients GHPI0805_12_15.pdf

Treatment for early vocal cord cancer GHPI0974_12_16.pdf

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Bleb needling GHPI1335_08_15.pdf

Contact lens clinic GHPI1231_03_15.pdf

Convergence exercises GHPI1238_02_17.pdf

Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) An operation for a blocked tear duct GHPI0535_09_16.pdf

Deep sclerectomy for the treatment of glaucoma GHPI1336_11_15.pdf

Eye drops GHPI0067_10_16.pdf

Eye laser treatment - Yag iridotomy GHPI0353_07_17.pdf

Eyelid surgery GHPI0188_06_16.pdf

Iritis GHPI0572_01_17.pdf

Meibomian cysts GHPI0189_03_16 .pdf

Ophthalmology GHPI1322_06_15.pdf

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for age­related eye conditions GHPI0574_02_17.pdf

Squint Clinic - Information for parents and carers about squints

Trabeculectomy for the treatment of glaucoma GHPI0206_07_15.pdf

What is a cataract GHPI0100_01_17.pdf

Yag laser capsulotomy GHPI0354_11_16.pdf

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Oral and Maxillofacial

About neck dissection GHPI0429_06_15.pdf

Advice for patients having a mouth or facial biopsy GHPI0220_09_16.pdf

Advice for patients having a tooth removed GHPI0792_09_16.pdf

Advice for patients having an apicectomy GHPI0219_09_16.pdf

Advice for patients having wisdom teeth removed GHPI0218_09_16.pdf

Advice for patients with jaw joint problems GHPI0696_09_16.pdf

Conscious sedation for outpatient oral and maxillofacial surgery GHPI0387_09_16.pdf

Exposure of impacted upper canine (Eye tooth) GHPI0427_09_16.pdf

Facial injuries - Information for patients due to attend the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Trauma Clinic GHPI1266_09_16.pdf

Facial injuries - Information for patients who are discharged without follow-up appointments GHPI1265_09_16.pdf

Fracture of Upper Jaw GHPI1119_09_16.pdf

Fractured Lowered Jaw GHPI1200_09_16.pdf

Fractures of the Cheek Bone GHPI1120_09_16.pdf

Information for patients who have had surgery in the mouth GHPI0208_09_16.pdf

Temporary tracheostomy GHPI0547_10_15.pdf

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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring - A guide to the test GHPI1075_10_15.pdf

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Paediatric Continence Service

Rock ‘n’ Pop GHPI1284_12_14.pdf

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A guide to your child's blood test GHPI1310_04_15.pdf

Abdominal Pain Advice Sheet GHPI1388_05_16.pdf

Administration of emergency medication for seizures GHPI1178_01_16.pdf

Anaesthetic for children GHPI0526_05_15.pdf

Asthma Advice Sheet GHPI1387_05_16.pdf

Basic life support teaching pack for parents and carers GHPI0121_03_17.pdf

Bronchiolitis Advice GHPI1386_05_16.pdf

Caring for a child with complex medical conditions in hospital GHPI1309_04_15.pdf

Children’s patient identity wristbands GHPI1430_08_17.pdf

Children’s Safeguarding Procedure GHPI1177_05_16.pdf

Constipation in children GHPI0708_03_16.pdf

Controlling pain in children after day case surgery GHPI1197_04_16.pdf

Controlling pain in children after day case surgery GHPI1197_04_16_pl_Polish.pdf

Croup Advice Sheet GHPI1392_05_16.pdf

Febrile convulsions in infants and children GHPI0709_05_16.pdf

Fever advice for children and young people GHPI1391_05_16.pdf

First seizure in children or young people GHPI1128_01_16.pdf

Gastroenteritis GHPI1390_05_16.pdf

Gastro-oesophageal reflux in babies GHPI1367_03_16.pdf

Having a sweat test GHPI0712_07_15.pdf

Head Injury Advice Sheet GHPI1389_05_16.pdf

Headaches in children and young people GHPI1413_12_16.pdf

Henoch–Schönlein purpura (HSP) - InfoKID

Hydrocele - Discharge Information for parents GHPI0982_06_15.pdf

InfoKID - Information for parents and carers about children’s kidney conditions

Inguinal hernia - Discharge Information for parents GHPI0983_06_15.pdf

Meningitis in infants, children and young people GHPI0701_04_16.pdf

Myringotomy and grommets GHPI0274_06_16.pdf

Neurodevelopmental Clinic GHPI1416_02_17.pdf

Operations on the foreskin (circumcision, preputioplasty, frenuloplasty and adhesions) GHPI0985_06_15.pdf

Orchidopexy - Discharge information GHPI0984_06_15.pdf

Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) GHPI1272_07_17.pdf

Paediatric Investigations Unit Food challenges GHPI1312_05_15.pdf

Paediatric Oncology Service GHPI1163_11_15.pdf

Preventing pressure ulces in children and young people GHPI1438_10_17.pdf

Squint Clinic - Information for parents and carers about squints

Taking children or young people home after sedation GHPI1432_08_17.pdf

The medical alert process GHPI1308_08_15.pdf

Tonsillectomy - Information for parents or carers of children having their tonsils removed GHPI0276_02_16.pdf

Umbilical hernia discharge information GHPI0986_07_15.pdf

Urinary Tract Infection - InfoKID

Your child has failed a food challenge GHPI1314_05_15.pdf

Your child has passed a food challenge GHPI1313_05_15.pdf

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Palliative Care

Specialist Palliative Care Services in Gloucestershire GHPI0348_05_17.pdf

Using a Mckinley T34 syringe pump GHPI0179_02_17.pdf

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Collection of a urine sample for cytology GHPI0386_03_17.pdf

How to collect a stool sample for Faecal Calprotectin analysis GHPI1396_10_16_.pdf

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) GHPI0424_03_15.pdf

Sperm storage for those undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy GHPI0145_02_16.pdf

Starting Desensitisation for grass and tree pollen GHPI0838_06_15.pdf

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Patient Experience

Discharge from hospital GHPI1271_02_17.pdf

How to produce patient information - Guidance for staff GHPI1024_05_15_.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_04_15.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_05_16_cs_Czech.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_05_16_Gujarati.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_05_16_pl_Polish.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_05_16_sk_Slovak.pdf

How we handle your information GHPI1311_05_16_zhcn_Mandarin.pdf

Information for Carers attending GHNHSFT GHPI1044_05_16_cs_Czech.pdf

Information for Carers attending GHNHSFT GHPI1044_05_16_Gujarati.pdf

Information for Carers attending GHNHSFT GHPI1044_05_16_pl_Polish.pdf

Information for Carers attending GHNHSFT GHPI1044_05_16_sk_Slovak.pdf

Information for Carers attending GHNHSFT GHPI1044_05_16_zhcn_Mandarin.pdf

Information for carers attending Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust GHPI1044_01_17.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges, exemptions and reductions for patients, carers and visitors GHPI0423_05_15.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges GHPI0423_05_16_cs_Czech.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges GHPI0423_05_16_Gujarati.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges GHPI0423_05_16_pl_Polish.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges GHPI0423_05_16_sk_slovak.pdf

Information on transport, parking charges GHPI0423_05_16_zhcn_Mandarin.pdf

Learning Disabilities Hospital Liaison Nurses GHPI1179_09_17.pdf

Mental Health Liaison Teams GHPI1441_12_17.pdf

Operating your hospital radio handset.pdf

Supporting the carer or relative of inpatients with Dementia in our hospitals GHPI1205_05_15.pdf

The Friends and Family Test GHPI1374_10_16.pdf

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Alfentanil solution buccal (mouth) or nasal (nose) spray 5mg in 5ml GHPI0503_09_15.pdf

Being in control of your insulin GHPI1406_12_16.pdf

Being in control of your own medication GHPI1358_12_15.pdf

Cancer medicines GHPI1332_08_15.pdf

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Rescue Pack GHPI1427_05_17.pdf

Going into Hospital - Please take your medicines with you GHPI0928_02_16.pdf

Information for patients receiving homecare delivery of medicines from Healthcare at Home GHPI1279_06_17.pdf

Information for patients receiving homecare delivery of medicines from Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare LPCH GHPI1259_06_17.pdf

Information for patients taking unlicensed medicines GHPI0452_08_15.pdf

St Marks’ formula electrolyte solution GHPI0247_04_15.pdf

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Bath PUVA GHPI0749_04_15.pdf

Narrowband UVB (TL-01) phototherapy GHPI0750_11_15.pdf

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for skin condition GHPI0753_04_15.pdf

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Pre-operative Assessment

Instructions for adults receiving a general anaesthetic or sedation GHPI0310_06_16.pdf

Preventing infections after surgery (Surgical Site Infection) GHPI1431_07_17.pdf

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Health Psychology

Coping with cancer and low mood GHPI1122_06_16.pdf

Emotional changes after a stroke GHPI1421_05_17.pdf

Psychology Service for people affected by a life threatening illness GHPI1041_06_15.pdf

Psychology Service for people affected by cancer GHPI1042_07_15.pdf

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Adult patients having a CT scan of the head or sinuses GHPI0610_03_17.pdf

Adults having a barium swallow, barium meal or barium follow-through X-ray GHPI0613_01_17.pdf

Adults having a CT scan of the body GHPI0617_03_17.pdf

Adult patients having a CT scan of the heart GHPI1435_10_17.pdf

Adults having a sialogram GHPI0600_01_17.pdf

Adults having an MRI scan GHPI0318_10_16.pdf

Antenatal Hydronephrosis

Breastfeeding after you have an intravenous contrast agent injection GHPI1428_05_17.pdf

CT (Computed Tomography) guided lung biopsy GHPI1154_03_17.pdf

CT Colonoscopy (virtual colonoscopy) GHPI1376_03_17.pdf

Nuchal Translucency Screening

Radioactive Iodine Ablation Therapy GHPI0821_01_18.pdf

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Hereford Suite, Oncology Centre, Cheltenham General Hospital GHPI0877_01_16.pdf

Managing fatigue related to cancer and it's treatments GHPI0918_07_15_.pdf

Oral hygiene and mouth care - Information and advice for patients undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy GHPI0478_09_15.pdf

Radioactive Iodine Ablation (RIA) GHPI0821_06_16_.pdf

Radiotherapy for breast cancer GHPI0763_11_15.pdf

Radiotherapy for cancer of the head and neck area GHPI1198_09_15.pdf

Radiotherapy for cancer of the oesophagus (gullet) GHPI0681_04_16.pdf

Radiotherapy to the pelvis - Female GHPI0326_02_16.pdf

Radiotherapy to the pelvis - Male GHPI1022_05_16.pdf

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Care of your Haemodialysis Catheter GHPI1319_05_15_.pdf

Erythropoietin Stimulating Agent (ESA) - Treatment information and patient treatment record GHPI1343_10_15.pdf

Fistulogram Fistuloplasty - Renal patient information GHPI1153_05_15.pdf

Forming an Arterio-Venous (AV) fistula GHPI0340_08_16.pdf

Helpful information for new Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients GHPI0536_09_17.pdf

How to look after your dialysis access and wound after discharge from hospital GHPI1240_05_17.pdf

Information about anaemia and its treatments for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease GHP0392_11_17.pdf

Insertion of a Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) catheter - Preoperative advice for patients GHPI1345_11_15.pdf

Insertion of a Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) catheter under local anaesthetic GHPI1382_06_16.pdf

Insertion of a tunnelled dialysis catheter (haemodialysis line) GHPI0321_01_17_.pdf

Medicines and dehydration - Medicine sick day guidance GHPI1338_12_15.pdf

Post-operative insertion of Peritoneal Dialysis PD catheter insertion GHPI1305_02_15.pdf

Renal Biopsy GHPI0098_03_15.pdf

Undergoing insertion of a temporary dialysis catheter GHPI1241_05_17.pdf

Vaccination against Hepatitis B for renal patients GHPI0783_02_15.pdf

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Asthma Action Plan and Peak flow diary GHPI0786_04_15.pdf

British Lung Foundation

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Humidification GHPI1281_05_15.pdf

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Treatment GHPI1371_03_16.pdf

Fitness to Fly assessment GHPI1330_07_15.pdf

Hydrogen breath tests GHPI1397_06_16.pdf

Indwelling pleural catheters GHPI1300_02_15.pdf

Knightsbridge Ward - Cheltenham General Hospital GHPI0418_01_16.pdf

Lung function tests GHPI0949_06_15.pdf

Pleural aspiration (Pleural tap) GHPI1291_03_15.pdf

Respiratory Assisted Discharge Team - Support at home GHPI1118_01_16.pdf

Sleep apnoea screening GHPI0948_06_16.pdf

Thoracoscopy GHPI1303_02_15.pdf

Use of an air compressor with nebuliser equipment nebuliser equipment GHPI0762_10_15.pdf

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Cardio-Pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) GHPI0169_06_15.pdf

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Undergoing rituximab infusions GHPI1003_12_17.pdf

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Spiritual Care Services

Book of Remembrance following the death of your baby GHPI0846_05_15.pdf

Holy Communion GHPI0360_01_17.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_15.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_16_cs_Czech.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_16_Gujarati.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_16_pl_Polish.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_16_sk_Slovak.pdf

Spiritual Care for patients, carers and staff GHPI1316_05_16_zhcn_Mandarin.pdf

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Stoma Care

Dietary advice for people with a colostomy GHPI0520_08_15.pdf

Explaining how to take Loperamide GHPI1021_08_15.pdf

Gloucestershire Stoma Care Service GHPI1014_07_15.pdf

Possible side effects on your stoma during chemotherapy and radiotherapy GHPI0760_03_16.pdf

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Stroke Discharge Care Plan GHPI1224_07_15.pdf

Stroke goal planning meeting Therapy service GHPI1447_12_17.pdf

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Theatre and Day Surgery

Day Case Surgery - Chedworth Suite, Kemerton and Ward 2A GHPI0295_10_15.pdf

Fasting instructions for patients attending Chedworth Suite or Kemerton GHPI0833_02_16.pdf

Information for patients having surgery at Cheltenham General Hospital GHPI0215_06_15.pdf

Pain relief medication - Day Surgery GHPI0804_08_15.pdf

Surgical Admissions Suite Gloucestershire Royal Hospital - Preparation for surgery GHPI0251_08_16.pdf

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A guide to Vestibular Rehabilitation GHPI0519_11_13.pdf

A patient’s guide to soft tissue and joint injections GHPI0666_05_15.pdf

Acupuncture GHPI0822_08_17.pdf

Anal sphincter exercises for men GHPI1245_05_17.pdf

Breathing exercises after your operation GHPI0334_12_16.pdf

Breathing exercises for chest clearance GHPI0346_02_18.pdf

Chest trauma GHPI0653_07_15.pdf

De Quervain's disease of the hand GHPI1134_05_15.pdf

Falls Assessment Clinic GHPI1385_10_16.pdf

Falls prevention GHPI0927_08_16.pdf

Hip debridement surgery and your rehabilitation (Ganz procedure) GHPI1257_08_17.pdf

Knee arthroscopy GHPI0558_03_16.pdf

Let's put a stop to PJ Paralysis GHPI1445_01_18.pdf

Looking after your back and pelvis in pregnancy GHPI0629_07_17.pdf

Lower back surgery GHPI0692_04_17.pdf

Managing a single step up or down using walking aids GHPI0518_06_17.pdf

Managing over­breathing (Hyperventilation dysfunctional breathing) GHPI0245_02_17.pdf

Pelvic floor exercises for women GHPI0259_03_14_C.pdf

Rehabiliation following your hip fracture GHPI0273_01_18.pdf

Understanding Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) GHPI0243_01_18.pdf

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Tissue Viability

Preventing pressure ulcers GHPI0161_08_16.pdf

The use of Sterile Biobag Maggots (Larvae) in the cleaning of wounds GHPI0155_06_15.pdf

Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) therapy of the wound GHPI0154_06_15.pdf

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Trauma and Orthopaedics

After your plaster has been removed GHPI0033_08_15.pdf

Arthritis Research UK

Metatarsal osteotomy for a painful bunion GHPI1004_08_15.pdf

Orthopaedic Admissions Suite - Cheltenham General Hospital GHPI0831_01_17.pdf

Simple exercises to encourage weight loss GHPI1401_08_16.pdf

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Upper GI

Following diagnosis of stomach (gastric) or oesophageal (gullet) cancer GHPI1302_02_15.pdf

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Bladder Chemotherapy GHPI0111_02_15.pdf

Cystoscopy and urethroscopy GHPI0112_04_16.pdf

Following diagnosis of Stomach (gastric) or oesophageal (Gullet) Cancer GHPI1302_02_15.pdf

Flexible Cystoscopy GHPI0109_06_17.pdf

Gloucestershire Urology Assessment Clinic GHPI1212_07_17.pdf

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy and Nephroureterectomy - Keyhole surgery to remove the kidney GHPI1318_05_15.pdf

Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy GHPI1286_06_16.pdf

Transrectal ultrasound scan and biopsy of the prostate gland GHPI0317_01_17.pdf

Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) GHPI0108_01_18.pdf

Improving control of your bladder after Transurethral Resection of Prostate Gland or Bladder Neck Incision GHPI0534_12_17.pdf


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repair GHPI0205_09_16.pdf

Carotid endarterectomy surgery GHPI0308_09_16.pdf

Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) GHPI0922_08_16.pdf

Foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins GHPI0993_03_16.pdf

Gloucestershire Leg Ulcer Service GHPI0919_01_18.pdf

Hernia Surgery in Adults GHPI0747_08_16.pdf

Hyperhidrosis - Excessive sweating and facial blushing GHPI0506_02_16.pdf

Information for patients undergoing an angiogram or angioplasty GHPI0203_08_16.pdf

Leg ulcer prevention GHPI0698_09_15.pdf

Lower limb amputation GHPI1405_09_16.pdf

Treating your leg ulcer GHPI0697_08_15.pdf

Undergoing a leg bypass operation GHPI0337_09_16.pdf

Varicose vein surgery GHPI0204_08_16.pdf

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Welcome to Ward 7A GHPI1320_08_15_.pdf

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