The Cheltenham Aveta Birth Centre

View of a birthing room at the Cheltenham Birth Centre

Our birth centre in Cheltenham is run by midwives and has been specially designed to ensure your journey to parenthood is as smooth as possible.

All five en-suite rooms are equipped with the tools to promote a natural delivery, from birthing balls and cushions through to music and low lighting. The spacious, airy rooms have all the home comforts to create a sanctuary for your labour and birth. 

The one-one-one attention from your midwife will ensure your journey to parenthood goes as smoothly as possible and your birth partner will feel at home in this intimate setting.

Each room is different, with some having birthing pools and all featuring birth couches, mood lighting and the little details that make the difference. Once your labour is over, you won’t be moved to a ward – you and your partner can get to know your baby.

Our midwives are fully trained to provide pain relief such as Entonox (gas and air) and Pethidine. If you wish to have an epidural you would need to transfer to our delivery suite at the Women's Centre, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. 

If you are considered to be at increased risk of complications, either at the beginning of your pregnancy, as your pregnancy develops or during labour, your midwife or doctor may advise against giving birth in a midwifery-led unit.

Our facilities

  • Birthing pools
  • Aromatherapy service
  • En-suite, ‘home-from-home’ birthing rooms, all equipped to support active, natural labour


Take a look around our birth centre and other maternity units with our virtual maternity tours.

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