Stroud Maternity Unit

View of a birthing room at Stroud Maternity Unit


Stroud Maternity Unit is a small midwife-led centre that’s home to about 300 births each year. At Stroud Maternity, the Birth Suite provides a home-from-home environment to help mothers feel as relaxed and calm as possible.

The team of experienced midwives are skilled at helping women to have an active birth and can advise on alternative forms of pain relief, including aromatherapy and the use of the birthing pool.

Our rooms have all been individually designed to create a comfortable and calm environment for you, your partner and your baby.

After you’ve had your baby, Stroud Maternity Unit also provides six beds where we offer women postnatal care and support.  This is also available to mums who have given birth at other units.


  • 2 Birthing Pool rooms
  • 2 single ensuite rooms with facility for partners to stay overnight
  • 6 postnatal beds 

If you require an epidural or if there is an unexpected problem with you or your baby, you will be transferred to the delivery suite at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital's Women's Centre. Approximately 21% of women need to transfer from Stroud and this is more likely if it is your first baby. Depending on the time of day, this transfer may take time.

Take a look around Stroud Maternity Unit and our other birth units in our virtual maternity tours. 

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