Clinical Strategy

What is clinical strategy?

Clinical Strategy is a part of the Corporate Division and is headed by Director Dr Sally Pearson. The team consists of a range of functions which are essential to the Trust.   These include:


Programme Management & Service Improvement 

A small team of expert project and programme managers who lead on major projects across the Trust and provide support to others involved in projects and continuous improvement to help ensure objectives are met and benefits realised.  

The team is involved in a diverse range of projects and programmes to support the Trust's Strategic Objectives. Read more about the Programme Management & Service Improvement team.

Contact: Ian Quinnell

Associate Director Programme Management & Service Improvement

0300 422 4764


Information Technology Services


Countywide IT Services delivers a range of technical services both within the Trust and the wider health community. 

The NHS is increasingly dependent on advanced communications technology and clinical systems.  Examples include the PAS system that holds details of all our patients which are used for various purposes, including sending appointment letters and billing for clinical activity, and the PACS system that enables clinicians to view x-rays on computer screens across the county.

CITS aims to help the Trust and its external stakeholders realise efficiencies and reduce costs through the provision of centralised IT Services.

Contact: Zack Pandor

Director of Information Technology

0300 422 5459



Gloucestershire Research and Development Unit


The research office hosts a number of distinct but related research functions, including: the Gloucester Office of the South West Research Design Service,  the Research Governance Team and the Clinical Trials Staff linked to the National Institute for Health research networks as well as running a multi-centre national project called the BOSS trial.

The team provides help and support to all research projects that are undertaken across the health community in Gloucestershire (and beyond).  It ensures that research is carried out to a high standard and that it meets ethical and other requirements.   There is a strong relationship with the Three Counties Cancer Network as many projects are assessing new cancer treatments.

Read more about Research and Development

Contact: Julie Hapeshi

R&D coordinator / Deputy Director SW RDS
0300 422 5460



Contracts Office


The small contracts team supports the contract development process for the Trust and ensures that the clinical services we provide for commissioners and other providers (and vice versa) are reflected in contact documents.    

They also support and look after the interests of the Trust in ongoing contract performance management; including, for example, the monitoring and reporting of measures that secure additional payments (such as CQUIN). 

The office provides clinical contract advice to senior staff and manages processes such as prior approval for individual treatments not normally funded. Find out more about the contracts team.

Contact: Irwin Wilson

Associate Director Contracts

0300 422 3263


Communications and Graphic Design


The Communications Team provides advice and practical support to all forms of corporate communication within the Trust. Specifically we produce the staff newsletter Outline, oversee the intranet and website content and are always very keen to hear and share news from staff about achievements and developments. We provide communications support to many projects and areas of work throughout the Trust and advise on issues relating to the use of the Trust's corporate identity.

The media call us with numerous queries a month and we work hard to manage the reputation of the Trust as portrayed in the media.   The team provides all round communications and marketing support to most corporate projects eg: Staff Excellence Awards, Staff Survey, Access and Egress and capital projects.

Our press releases appear on the website, linked to the home page of the intranet as soon as possible after circulation and we hope they provide a useful library. Find out more about the Communications Team.

Contact: Craig MacFarlane

Head of Communications and Marketing

0300 422 4724


Innovation & Intellectual Property


Members of the team can provide advice on protecting Intellectual Property (IP), assessing the IP potential of novel ideas, products and devices, and opportunities, in some cases, for commercialisation. 

They are also the Trust’s point of contact with NHS Innovations South West, (the South West’s Regional Innovation Hub) through which the Trust is able to access specialist advice and support.

Find out more about Innovation & Intellectual Property.


Contacts: Catherine Boyce

Clinical Strategy Manager

0300 422 2800


 More than the sum of the parts

The Clinical Strategy team is a dynamic group that meets on a regular basis and under the leadership of Dr Sally Pearson provides advice and support to key areas such as the Trust’s Strategic Framework, service change and business development.