Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 3


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 3 is delivered as a 2.5 hour face to face session, training update frequency is every three years.

(This training is equivalent to Gloucestershire’s Multiagency level 2 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult training)


  • Safeguarding eLearning (Level 1)
  • Safeguarding Adults eLearning (Level 2)
  • Safeguarding Children eLearning (Level 2)
  • MCA and DoLS eLearning (Level 1)
  • Dementia Awareness Level 1 eLearning
  • The patient with a Learning Disability eLearning
  • To have read the Trust Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Policy 


  • To understand Partnership working arrangements within Gloucestershire as part of Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • To understand Trust and Multi-agency Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult policy and processes
  • To understand your role and responsibility within GHNHSFT Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult policy and process
  • To understand your role and responsibility as part of Gloucestershire Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures
  • To understand prevention actions and how to recognise signs and indicators of possible vulnerable adult abuse
  • To understand actions to take in responding to a safeguarding vulnerable adult concern and immediate actions to take to Safeguard following Trust and Multi-agency safeguarding vulnerable adult policy and processes
  • To understand how the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards support safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • To Learn from case examples

Who should complete the training

The following groups of staff are required to complete this training:

  • Lead Nurses/Matrons
  • Band 6 and Band 7 ward based nurses
  • Band 7 nurses within clinical departments
  • Site Managers
  • Maternity Bleep Holders
  • Nursing and Midwifery Divisional Directors
  • Health Psychologists
  • Nurse Consultants
  • Nurse Specialists - this is dependent upon the nature of their role and with the agreement of their line manager
  • Practice and Education Support Nurses
  • Lecture Practitioners
  • Trust Safeguarding Strategic Adult Board members
  • Trust Safeguarding Leads

All health care teams working within Unscheduled Care are required to attend the one day dedicated Unscheduled Care Safeguarding training as this day covers Safeguarding Children, Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults. This is instead of the Trust ½ day. Please contact Jeanette Welsh (Practice Development Sister - Unscheduled Care) who coordinates this Safeguarding Training day by email

For Medical Teams in clinical areas other than Unscheduled Care, Trust Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Level 3 training is considered essential training for this role

If in doubt if this training is mandatory for your role or if you would like further information please email or ring 0300 422 5682.

Accessing Training

 This course is a face2face course and staff must book on to the course using the link below;


Length of Course:
2.5 hours.

Book Online

Bookings can only be made from
a PC on the trust network.