Estates & Capital Development

Estates & Capital Development are part of the Estates and Facilities Division and have offices at both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital.

Estates Maintenance

 The Operations and Maintenance team of the Estates and Facilities Division is responsible for the provision of Estates Management Services to Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Operational team of managers and trade staff are a professional, well trained mix of all trades/skill bases and they work closely with Trust staff to develop mutual priorities and objectives.

It is the responsibility of the Estates service to address the condition of the buildings envelope, interior finishes, systems, plant,  equipment and grounds maintenance and ensure the Health & Safety of Trust staff, contractors, patients and visitors by complying with the letter and intent of all statutory, mandatory, local rules and guidelines, regulations and codes applicable to Trust premises and facilities.

Types of Maintenance Activities

Statutory (legal compliance) Maintenance

This includes all insurance inspections, at predetermined intervals, of plant, systems and equipment, to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation/documentation which includes Health Technical Memoranda, Healthcare Building Notes and the Approved Code of Practice for Legionella Testing (L8). 

Small works

Small works up to a specified value which has been authorised and funded by the Trust. 

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a programme of scheduled maintenance activities that extend the serviceable life of equipment and systems and reduce breakdowns and repairs. It includes inspection, lubrication, adjustment, replacement of components, performance testing and analysis.

Repairs & Defects

The repair and maintenance of everyday faults.

Capital and Access 

This includes the development of the long-term estates strategy and the implementation of building solutions to meet the Trust’s objectives.

In addition this team also manages and improving of access to and around hospital sites, the management of the Indigo car parking contract, and monitoring the Route 99 service.

Environment and Sustainability 

The Environment and Sustainability section promotes the development and implementation of sustainability strategies as well as minimising the overall environmental impact of the hospitals through a variety of initiatives.


The Estates and Facilities division has a wide variety of contracts from catering to estates maintenance which are vital for the day to day operation of the hospitals.  The Contracts section is responsible for the performance management of these contracts.

Information Systems

The Information Systems section is responsbile for the on-going management, development and integration of information support systems within the Estates and Facilities Division.