Current Awareness

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Research Alerts

Do you want to keep track of the latest research published on a specific topic?

Just ask the library to set up a literature search alert.

A search will be conducted and the results sent to you, afterwards you will be emailed details of any future articles published on your topic.

Email the Library with the details of your search and ask for a literature alert -


What is it?

  • KnowledgeShare is our targeted Current Awareness Service
  • Whenever we find high impact publications in your area - we will let you know

Why use it?

  • To see the latest high-level evidence in your field

How it works

  • Your KnowledgeShare profile is created to be as broad or specific as you need

The Content

  • KnowledgeShare contains policy documents and a wide range of summarised evidence so that you will not be inundated with primary reseach articles

Please complete this application form and email it to the library.

E Table of Contents

Receive by email the table of contents of each new issue of your favourite journal/s. This can either be done via the journal website or via .

Ask Library staff for more advice in setting these up.

Outreach Visits

The Library can visit departments to update individual teams on Library services and discuss how we can support you in your work.  

Would you like us to attend one of your team meetings / training sessions or set up a drop in stand within your department? 

If you think this would be useful, please contact the Library so we can arrange a possible date and a time convenient time to you. 

GRH LIbrary: Tel : 0300 422 6495

CGH Library: Tel : 0300 422 3036

email :