Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring are part of the Estates and Facilities Division and have offices at both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital.


Philosophy of Service:  A high quality environment is essential for the delivery of health and social care and needs to be supported by high standards of environmental cleanliness.  Service users are entitled to expect everything in Trust facilities to be clean - not just floors, surfaces, furniture and toilets but also equipment used in their treatment and care such as drip stands, beds and wheelchairs.  They have a right to expect a welcoming environment at all times with equipment which is clean, safe and fit for purpose.

Achieving sustained reductions in infections and improving cleanliness generates huge benefits in securing the safety of patients.  Success requires a complete package of measures and needs everyone in the organisation to be involved.


Performance Monitoring Domestic Services

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital - Operates an in-house cleaning contract and domestic services are responsible for the implementation of the cleaning of all wards and departments.

Cheltenham General Hospital -  An external contractor is responsible for the cleaning of this hospital.  The contractor works in partnership with the Trust to ensure that services are delivered in accordance with the National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS.

The monitoring department works closely with both In-house cleaning and the external contractor to make sure that the contracts (including the in-house Service Level Agreement) delivers high standards and value for money, also establishing a spirit of  partnership and teamwork with service providers.

Every area within the hospital is assigned to a functional area for the purpose of monitoring.

In line with the  National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS, the functional areas are grouped into four levels of cleaning intensity, based on the risk associated with inadequate cleaning in that functional area.  In order to carry out the monitoring in an effective and timely manner the Trust has a software package that has the standards/checklists and areas programmed into a handheld terminal.  When the audit has been completed, the score is produced and sent to the ward/department, domestic management and domestic supervisors to allow the ward staff or duty supervisor to take action to rectify the problem areas highlighted.  The following staff will be included in some or all stages of the auditing processes:

  • External contract services manger at Cheltenham General Hospital
  • Domestic services manager at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
  • Infection control nurses
  • Estates managers and officers
  • Housekeeping services supervisors and staff
  • Nursing staff (matron, senior matron, lead nurse)

Audits are carried out on all functional areas.  The date of each audit is recorded and all results are kept.  This allows improvements in the service to be measured and reported.


Performance Monitoring Nursing

There are 9 elements in the cleaning standards that relate to nursing tasks, these elements are recorded alongside the domestic services tasks on the software package used.  The monitoring department have also implemented a red slip system to highlight nursing issues.  To highlight a cleaning fault a red slip recording the problem is placed on the equipment, when the fault has been rectified the red slip is signed and returned to the monitoring department.  As most equipment is moved around, a red slip makes it easier to identify equipment that requires cleaning.  The red slips only identify nursing cleaning issues not domestic cleaning issues.


Performance Monitoring Estates

There are 6 elements in the national cleaning standards that relate to estates, as with the above, the fault is recorded onto the hand held software package highlighting the fault and is then referred to estates through an information management system.  

Completed audits and scores are placed into Share point and provide regular performance information and are accessible to domestic services, matrons and department managers, who are responsible for the implementation of an action plan.

Monthly reports, trends and bar graphs which highlight areas within the Trust that may have performance issues are completed and placed into Share point to provide regular performance overviews for domestic services.


Environmental Auditing

Environmental Audits- Theses audits are planned audits and are undertaken to document any problems associated with the condition of the environment that may make it difficult, or impossible to meet the Trusts environmental cleanliness standards.  As buildings and fixtures become old, they become more difficult to clean and maintain in an acceptable condition.  The audit should note for example, any floors surfaces that need repair and walls or ceilings that require painting.  Other areas might include significant staining to carpets, curtains etc, and the condition of the air ducting.  The findings of the audit should be included within the cleaning specifications to ensure that everyone knows exactly where cleaning ends and maintenance or engineering works begins. Ultimately the monitoring department have responsibility for the environmental audits and manage the environmental audit process from beginning to end.

Infection control play a significant part when completing the environmental audits, the unit will comply with the Trust wide standards described in the Infection Control Manual which is regularly updated by the Department of Infection Control.


As with performance monitoring all completed environmental audits and scores are placed into an information management system and provide regular performance information and are accessible to domestic services, matrons and department managers, who are responsible for the implementation of an action plan.


Contact Numbers

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital:  0300 422 6357

Cheltenahm General Hospital: 0300 422 3401