Waste Management

The Waste Management Service is part of the Estates and Facilities Division and have offices at both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital.


The Estates and Facilities Division are responsible for all aspects of waste management within the Trust. In 2010/11 the Trust disposed of 1126 tonnes of waste to landfill and 963 tonnes of clinical waste and spent just under £1million on waste disposal. 


Within the Trust the collection of waste from wards and departments is the responsibility of the Portering team.  The contract management and compliance side of waste is the responsibility of the Environmental team.  The Environmental team provide training and advice on waste disposal, audit all Trust areas on an annual basis, monitor the performance of waste contractors and ensure that the Trust remains compliant with the large volume of waste legislation.


The Trust follows the Department of Health best practice guidance:

Department of Health Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, March 2013



The Trust recycles a wide variety of materials including paper, batteries, polystyrene, pallets and garden waste.  We receive a small income from our recycling of cardboard, printer cartridges / toners and scrap metal.  This income is used to offset the cost of waste disposal.  It is hoped to include more general recycling in some areas by the end of 2011.


Advice and Enquiries

For waste advice or enquiries please email environmental.team@glos.nhs.uk

For waste collection please telephone the Portering helpdesks on:

0300 422 3023 for Cheltenham General Hospitals

0300 422 6650 for Glos Royal Hospital