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Medical Staffing Services

We provide a consultancy service concerned with Medical Recruitment, Locum Cover, Annual Leave, Study Leave, Job Planning, EWTD Compliance and Performance Management.  We aim to provide the highest standard of services through:

  •  adopting a customer services approach
  •  using modern technology and streamlined systems

whilst complying with codes of practice and employment legislation.

Key Contacts

Richard Giles: Medical Staffing & GP Manager. Tel: 0300 422 3144

Elizabeth Barnes: Assistant Medical Staffing Manager (Recruitment of all sub-consultant grades, HR queries for current doctors (sub-consultant grades) - eg, annual leave, sickness). Tel: 0300 422 2935

Teresa Thomas: HR Assistant (Consultant recruitment, EWTD, rota planning). Tel: 0300 422 4337

Jenny Harris: Medical Staffing Officer (GP Medical Staffing Assistant & Consultant & SAS Study Leave). Tel: 0300 422 3016

Amitoj Gill: Medical Staffing Assistant (Recruitment). Tel: 0300 422 3016

Margi Critchley: Medical Staffing Recruitment. Tel: 0300 422 2564

Holly Prince: Medical Staffing (e-leave/Honorary Contracts). Tel: 0300 422 3211

Emma Barr: Senior Medical Staff Appraisal & Revalidation Administrator. Tel: 0300 422 6092

Sarah Antrobus Holder: Senior Medical Staff Appraisal & Revalidation Officer. Tel 0300 422 5301