Gloucestershire Managed Services (GMS) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Established in April 2018, we remain an integral part of the Trust, providing and managing all of the buildings, assets and facilities, contributing to the overall success of the Trust.

We also work with local NHS partners, to provide crucial non-clinical services for their business.

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission is: Excellence in service delivery.

Our vision is: Together, exceptional every day.

Our four values are:

  • excellence: we are proactive, enthusiastic and put the customer first in everything we do
  • inclusive: we work as a team and value everyone’s contribution
  • integrity: we are honest, principled and reliable
  • listening: we are welcoming and are interested in other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Our services

Asset management:

  • countywide drawings
  • estates and capital
  • generator tests
  • medical engineering
  • materials management
  • sterile services


  • catering
  • domestics, including cleanliness performance monitoring
  • linen
  • waste collection and management

Professional Services:

  • switch board
  • compliance
  • fault reporting
  • fire safety
  • portering
  • postal services
  • security
  • sustainability
  • travel and parking

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Business plan 2020 - 2023

Our three year strategic business plan (2020-2023), will establish GMS as a sustainable business, fit for the future. We will deliver a range of improvement initiatives and establish assurance against an ever increasing compliance agenda. We will also ensure that we maintain good financial health for our shareholders and to allow us to grow in the future.

In 2023, GMS will aim to be:

  • The local employer of choice
  • The Integrated Care System (ICS) service provider of choice
  • The SubCo Consultant of choice.

GMS Annual Review 2019-2020

Download our annual review to find out about our highlights and successes for 2019-2020.

Gender pay gap report

An equitable employment experience is fundamental in order for GMS to attract and retain a suitably skilled and experienced workforce to deliver its business plan objectives and to become a local employer of choice.

Key points

In line with the legislative requirement to publish raw data to demonstrate the Gender Pay Gap for GMS, this is the first Gender Pay Gap report for Gloucestershire Managed Services (GMS) and the data set used for this report, as determined by national reporting requirements, is extracted from 31 March 2019. The analysis undertaken highlighted the following:

  • There were 689 reported staff with a near 50/50 male/female split

The measured position on the gender pay gap as at 31 March 2019 is:

  • Mean gender pay gap, 7.32% in favour of male employees
  • Median gender pay gap, 2.50% in favour of male employees

This report establishes GMS’s commitment to Gender Equality and its approach to ensuring its aims to maintain and increase high levels of gender pay equality within GMS.

The principles contained within this report will provide a framework for all staff which will facilitate the development of gender pay equality and ensure all staff are aware of the GMS aims and objectives in regard to becoming a local employer of choice.

This policy should be read in conjunction with other related policies and forms an integral part of the GMS’s approach to Workforce Management.

Read the full gender pay gap report.

Modern slavery

We fully support the Government’s objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking.

Modern slavery is the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men through the use of force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation. Individuals may be trafficked into, out of or within the UK, and they may be trafficked for a number of reasons including sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude and organ harvesting.

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