Check the terms and conditions of our library membership.

Borrowing responsibilities

  • I am responsible for all items issued to me and will return items to the library, on or before the due date
  • if items are not returned to the library I understand that I will be liable for the cost of appropriate replacement items
  • if items are returned to the library damaged I understand that I may be liable for the cost of replacements
  • items may be borrowed from other NHS libraries in the South region provided that the Library's rules and regulations are adhered to
  • I understand that I will comply with Copyright Law in the use of any material borrowed or used in the library
  • the library and knowledge service must be notified of any change of contact details or relevant personal details

Data protection

  • I have read the privacy notice and agree to this data being held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2018) for use in local library systems and in a system shared by NHS libraries in the South West, Thames Valley and Wessex.
  • My details will be used to enable the borrowing and return of library items, for library staff to contact me about my use of library services, and to inform me about library activities and resources.
  • Should I not return items, I understand that my contact details may be passed to the GHNHSFT Creditors Department to facilitate their return or cost of replacements. These in turn may be passed to a third party to facilitate the return or financial reimbursement of the items.
  • I understand that my information may be kept electronically and in paper format for a maximum of 5 years.
  • I understand full guidance on library responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care are available in the library's privacy policy.

Conditions relating to NHS OpenAthens accounts

Data protection and end user responsibilities

  • Jisc will hold your personal details and may provide you with information about the resources available. Your national, regional and local OpenAthens administrator(s) can also access your details.
  • Your local NHS library may contact you about local services, training, and support in relation to OpenAthens resources.

For more details see NICE’s privacy notice and the OpenAthens privacy notice.

  • the access provided by the organisation that issued your account is to be used for the purposes of that organisation (for example, you cannot use your university account to look up stuff for the firm you’re interning at over the summer)
  • you may not share your login details with anyone

See general terms and conditions from NICE.