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To make it easier and quicker for you to stay up to date in your role, you can sign up to receive:

  • KnowledgeShare: an email bulletin from us every 2 weeks, tailored to your role and professional interests.
  • Big 4 Bulletin: a compilation of the table of contents from The LancetBMJJAMA and New England Journal of Medicine. This 2-weekly email provides a broad overview of the latest evidence in medicine.
  • British Journal of Healthcare Assistants: a bespoke service for HCAs. We'll email you the contents of each new issue of this journal. You can then request the full text of 2 articles from each issue, or we can show you how to access the full text articles yourself.
  • COVID-19 evidence bulletin: the latest, free-to-read evidence on COVID-19, direct to your inbox every week
  • Browzine: an app or web-based service that keeps all your academic journals and articles together in one place to make keeping up to date with published research easier.

For any of the other services, email us to sign up. For GDPR reasons, if you are not already a library member, you will need to join the library