Whatever method of feeding you choose, your midwife, health visitor, or breastfeeding counsellor can explain how to do it.


Breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life, so it’s good to be prepared by finding out about how to breastfeed. Find out more in depth information about breastfeeding from NHS.UK.

Our Trust is accredited with the UNICEF baby friendly initiative supporting mothers to breastfeed their babies.

NHS.UK also offers advice and help about breastfeeding if you’re returning to work.

Feeding support for you and your baby

There are a number of support groups operating in the county to support you with breastfeeding. Our Trust also employs an infant feeding specialist midwife.

You can also find local support through the Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Support Network (GBSN).

Formula and bottle feeding

Infant formula milk can be used as an alternative to breast milk. Your midwife will discuss your feeding options and preferences with you.

You can breastfeed your baby for a year or more, but you may decide to breastfeed for a shorter time and then change to formula feeding.

If you decide not to breastfeed from birth, it may be difficult to change from formula to breastfeeding.

NHS.UK offers more information about bottle feeding.