We will continue to support you in feeding your baby during coronavirus, although this will mostly be online or by telephone. Here is all the support available to you, which includes information on breastfeeding and safe bottle feeding.

Midwife appointments

Your midwife or maternity support worker will contact you for a home visit soon after you are discharged from hospital. We will call you to check that you are not experiencing symptoms of coronavirus before we visit.

Your home visit gives you the chance to discuss how you are getting on with feeding your baby and seek any advice you need.

Phone appointments and support

Health visitor phone appointments

Your named health visitor will call you:

  • after you are discharged from hospital, and;
  • when your baby is 6 weeks old

During these calls, you can discuss how you and your baby are getting on with feeding. We will also offer to weigh your baby at home using social distancing measures.

Infant feeding support team

The infant feeding support team at our maternity ward can still offer phone and live video support. If you would like to be referred, speak to your:

  • midwife
  • maternity support worker
  • health visitor
  • breastfeeding counsellor
  • GP

Alternatively, you can contact the infant feeding team on 0300 422 5519 or 0300 422 5520.


  • National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212 9.30am to 9.30pm 7 days a week
  • LLL National Helpline 0345 120 2918 8am to 11pm 7 days a week (offer support in a number of languages)
  • NCT Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 330 0700 8am to midnight 7 days a week
  • Association of Breastfeeding Mothers 0300 330 5453 9.30am to 10.30pm 7 days a week
  • The Breastfeeding Network Supporter line in Bengali and Sylheti 0300 456 2421

Video support and live chat

You can book virtual face to face time with one of GBSN’s breastfeeding specialist workers, before and after your baby is born. These sessions are free of charge.

The Breastfeeding Network (BfN) offers live web chat support, but availability is dependant on volunteer resources. The BfN breastfeeding co-ordinator for Gloucestershire is also available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm on 07936 391085.

The National Breastfeeding Helpline UK also offers a Facebook messenger chat service.

Email support

Questions about feeding your baby that do not require an immediate response can be sent to:

  • counselling@abm.me.uk (usually replies within 5 working days)
  • La Leche League via their online form (usually replies within 1 week)

Find information and support for feeding your baby during coronavirus, from groups in your area and national organisations here