Your birth supporter can attend all antenatal appointments, including ultrasound scans, and continue to support you during labour and birth.

Last updated: 4 August 2022

We understand that during this time you may be anxious if you are pregnant and are due to give birth . We do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable and safe when attending your appointments and during/after your birth.

If you have any concerns, please contact your midwife.

COVID safety

To keep you and other people in our hospitals safe, please follow these guidelines during appointments, scans and hospital visits:


  • follow all instructions given to you by our staff

  • wash your hands or use hand sanitiser gel when you enter and leave the hospital, or an ultrasound scan room.

  • switch off your phone or device before you enter the ultrasound scan room


  • do not bring more than one birth supporter to your scan appointment

  • do not bring children to your appointments

  • do not visit the hospital if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, or symptoms of sickness or diarrhoea


Your care will not be affected if you have tested positive for COVID, but you must inform your midwife/health professional and they will meet you at your appointment. Find out more about COVID-19 testing for maternity.

Changes to COVID testing for birth supporters

You may nominate up to two people as birth supporters who can attend appointments throughout your pregnancy journey.(one supporter for scan appointments)

Birth supporters no longer need to be tested for COVID using LFDs pre-visit.

Ward areas and departments will instead ask visitors about COVID symptoms pre-visit. Those visitors with any of the mild or main symptoms of COVID must not visit the ward.

Appointments: Antenatal/Labour


Two birth supporters can accompany you during antenatal appointments and maternity triage appointments

One birth supporter may attend your scan appointments. Note that that more than one supporter may be permitted in special circumstances, including surrogate pregnancies and if you require mental or physical health support. In this case, please advise a member of staff before your scan appointment.

This only applies to hospital premises, and rules at your GP surgery or community settings may vary.

Labour and Birth

Your birth supporters may accompany you during labour. An additional birth supporter may also be accommodated if you choose.

In the event that any birth partner is self-isolating or has Coronavirus, they cannot attend your appointments or labour, so we suggest that you choose an alternative partner

Home birth

If you’ve chosen a home birth, our midwifery team will still support this, as long as you and other members of your household are not experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus; if you are COVID-positive, please discuss with this with your midwife.

Postnatal Visiting

  • Two people (per bed) can visit the maternity ward between 9am and 9pm
  • Siblings or children under the age of 16 can visit the ward

COVID Vaccinations

You can be vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19) if:

  • you're pregnant or think you might be
  • you're breastfeeding
  • you're trying for a baby or might get pregnant in the future

The best way to protect you and your baby against COVID-19 in pregnancy is for you to have the COVID vaccination. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the preferred for you if you’re pregnant. Here’s an animation from NHS England which sets out what pregnant people should expect.

Vaccines in Pregnancy leaflet

The leaflet is in English here for other languages please see below:


The NHS, GOV and RCOG have further information on their websites:

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