The use of injections can be used to interrupt or modify the activity of the nerve pathways that carry pain.

The consultant will discuss in detail how this can help you specifically, recovery rate and what the procedure will involve.

Where do the procedures happen?

When you receive your appointment for a Pain Clinic procedure the letter should give details of where it will happen.

At Cheltenham General Hospital the procedures happen on the Chedworth Suite, on the first floor at the back of the Centre Block.

Please bring your medications or a list with you. If you are taking warfarin, clopidogrel or other drugs to thin the blood please ensure that the staff looking after you are aware of this: this should also have been discussed with you by the Consultant in the clinic. If there is any chance of your being pregnant please ensure that the staff are aware of this.

What happens afterwards?

Normally, after the procedures that we do on the Day Units, people stay afterwards for a short time to ensure that they have no early ill-effects, and in the case of some procedures to ensure that they have not developed any leg or other weakness from the local anaesthetics.

Following this, people leave the hospital and go home.For your safety (and because in the event of an accident your insurers might not cover you) we ask you not to drive home or in the first 24 hours and that you go home accompanied and have someone with you for the first few hours, and ideally overnight, so that if you did become unwell you have someone to call on.

If there is any numbness, be very careful not to place the affected area against hot things like radiators.

We normally ask patients to email or phone back afterwards to report progress, which most patients find is much easier for them and saves travel and time.