Gloucestershire Royal Hospital


The Gallery Ward is a multidisciplinary unit which helps prepare patients to leave hospital after they have had treatment.

Our staff are experts in delivering high standards of care, helping patients regain their independence, and preparing patients for a safe return home.

What to expect

The ward helps patients to be more independent and social, in a setting which is designed to feel less medical. It has communal areas which:

  • provide space for group and class activities, like coffee mornings
  • create a stimulating environment, for example arts and crafts
  • improve experience for patients

The care on the Gallery Ward is nurse and therapy led, and is run by a senior ward sister and a clinical specialist therapist.

The ward team is made up of staff nurses, health care assistants and therapy support workers, who work with you to create a treatment plan to support your discharge. During your stay, you may be seen by:

  • a therapist
  • a social worker
  • a specialist nurse
  • a pharmacist
  • a dietitian

Please ask a relative or carer to bring in toiletries and day clothes for you to use during your stay. This is an important step in preparing for your return home.


All meals are served from a hot trolley, apart from breakfast, and drinks are available throughout the day:

  • Breakfast: 8am
  • Lunch: midday
  • Dinner: 5pm

Where possible, we encourage patients to eat in the day room to help encourage socialising and activity. Find out more about food and drink at our hospitals.

Leaving the Gallery Ward

The aim of the staff on our ward is to help discharge you from hospital, and you and your relatives play an important part in planning for your return home. Before you leave, we will check that you:

  • have transport
  • have clean clothes to wear
  • know where you're going
  • have your keys
  • have food at home
  • have a supply of any medicine you need
  • have someone to look after you, once you're home

Please let us know if you think there are any problems that could delay your discharge.

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