Cheltenham General Hospital


Centre Block, Cheltenham General Hospital

GL53 7AN

Kemerton is a men’s unit that cares for patients undergoing a variety of surgical procedures. This includes vascular, urology and general surgery.

The unit is staffed by qualified nurses and healthcare assistants. Kate Mennie is the Senior Sister, supported by Sister Cathryn Braithwaite. The unit is overseen by a Modern Matron, and student nurses also care for patients under the guidance of our qualified nurses.

Kermerton also has a urology treatment room for outpatient clinics.

Day surgery

If you’re a day surgery patient you will need to arrive on the unit between 7.30am and 8am or between 12pm and 1pm. You can have a friend or relative stay with you until you go down to theatre. They are welcome to sit in the waiting area, or come back once your surgery is finished. There is only space for one person to accompany you, and babies and children aren’t allowed onto the unit.


You can have a friend or relative stay with you until you go down to theatre. They will be given contact numbers and visiting information for the ward you will return to after your surgery. You should bring all of your medicine and an overnight bag, with your nightwear and toiletries.

What to expect

  • When you arrive at the Kemerton Suite, go straight to reception. A receptionist will take your details and let the nurses know you have arrived.
  • You can take a seat in the waiting room until the nurses call you through.
  • Once you’ve been allocated a bed, a nurse will introduce themselves and prepare you for theatre. The nurse will be responsible for your care and be able to answer any questions.
  • You will be told where you are on the theatre list, and be given a rough idea of when you will go into theatre. Procedures vary in length, so you won’t get an exact time.
  • An anaesthetist will see you before you go to theatre to explain the anaesthetic and how they will care for you during surgery.
  • A member of the surgical team will then come to explain your procedure and ask you to sign the consent form, before you’re taken down to theatre.

Preparing for your surgery

  • You will receive fasting information in your appointment letter. If you attend pre-assessment, written instructions will be given to you there. If this advice is not clear, please phone the ward for advice.
  • Any rings or piercings that cannot be removed will need to be covered with tape.
  • Bring comfortable clothes to wear home, a dressing gown and slippers, and something to keep you entertained, like a book or magazine.
  • Leave all valuables at home, including watches, jewellery, phones and wallets. Our security facilities are limited.
  • Only bring medicine you need to take while you’re with us. If you have not been to a pre-admission clinic, bring a list of your medicine with you.
  • Organise for someone to pick you up after your surgery, and stay with you overnight.

Failure to fast may lead to a delay or cancellation of your surgery.

Food and drink

We do not serve hot food and drink on the day unit but after your surgery, you will be offered:

  • hot and cold drinks
  • biscuits or a sandwich

If you have any specific dietary requirements, please bring your own food with you as we have a limited selection which is not gluten free. We also cannot guarantee a selection of vegetarian sandwiches. We have two restaurants at Cheltenham General Hospital, for anybody who accompanies you during your visit.

Find out more about food and drink at our hospitals.

Going home

Before you can go home, we will:

  • check you’re comfortable and check your dressings
  • check you can walk to the toilet and pass urine (pee)
  • give you painkillers and tell you how often you need to take them
  • explain what to expect when you go home
  • give you a follow up appointment at an outpatient clinic, if needed

We will not be able to send you home by yourself if you have had a general anaesthetic.