Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

The Women's Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital provides care for women and their babies and offers a range of birthing options, from birth unit to delivery suite.

The Birth Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

The Birth Unit at our Women's Centre offers a calm and tranquil environment, designed to give a home-from-home feel and with your individual birth experience in mind.

Every room is different, with some having birthing pools and all featuring birth couches, mood lighting and the little details that make the difference. Once your baby is born, you and your partner can stay in the same room you gave birth in until you’re ready to leave.

You’ll have one-to-one care as you labour from one of our team of expert midwives. Our friendly staff will be on hand to make your birth experience the very best it can be for you and your family.

All rooms are equipped with private, ensuite facilities and you can also benefit from the use of aromatherapy, an innovative and effective method of relieving pain and a non-invasive, natural way to progress your labour.

Our midwives are passionate about helping you achieve the kind of natural delivery you would like. However, in the event that you need help from a doctor, need emergency assistance or would simply like an epidural, the hospital’s delivery suite is easily accessible on the floor below.

Our facilities:

  • Two birthing pools
  • Aromatherapy service
  • Seven en-suite ‘home-from-home’ birthing rooms, all equipped to support active, natural labour
  • One-to-one midwife care
  • Close proximity to delivery suite if intervention is required.

Contact the birth unit

0300 422 5523

The Delivery Suite at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

On our Delivery Suite in the Women's Centre we have 12 en-suite delivery rooms, two obstetric theatres and three high dependency rooms. The delivery suite is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to provide the best possible service for women who require medical assistance during labour. Whether you are receiving consultant- led care and will need the help of a doctor to deliver your baby, or you would simply like an epidural as pain relief during labour, the delivery suite is equipped to meet your needs.

Midwives will be on hand to support you through your labour and you’ll have the reassurance that the very latest equipment is close at hand. Since June 2014, we have offered mobile monitoring to everyone to help you experience the benefits of active labour.

Here on delivery suite you will be offered the full range and choice of pain relief options, depending on your birth plan. A birthing pool room is available for pain relief and relaxation, and features the same mood lighting and individual touches that mums on our Birth Units enjoy.

Once you’ve had your baby, you’ll move to the Maternity Ward. Light, airy and modern, you’ll find the staff helpful and welcoming to you and your baby.


  • State-of-the-art en-suite delivery rooms
  • Pool room
  • Mobile monitoring
  • Theatres and recovery rooms
  • High dependency rooms
  • Midwife care

Contact the delivery suite

0300 422 5542

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Maternity Ward

Our Maternity Ward cares for women and their babies after they've been born. The ward is a mixture of single rooms and four-bed bays, as well as high dependency care. We also have a number of Amenity Rooms which can be booked in advance of your stay with us. 

Visiting times

Partners and baby’s siblings: 9am to 9pm

Other visitors: 2pm - 3pm and 6pm - 7pm

The number of other visitors is restricted to two per mother and baby. Please note that women in the birth unit will be able to labour and then rest and recover with their baby in the same room until they are discharged - they will not move to the Maternity Ward. Women who labour in the Delivery Suite will then rest and recover with their baby in the Maternity Ward.

Contact the Maternity Ward

0300 422 5520

Please note: Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. y.

Free Wifi 

Free Wifi is available on all our wards. If you have any difficulty accessing this, please speak to a member of ward staff.

Mealtimes and catering

You will be given a choice from a daily menu for all our freshly prepared meals. Ward staff will advise you of the meal times, which may vary slightly from ward to ward.

Beverages: Served throughout the day.

There are a variety of shops and restaurants in our hospitals. Read more about food and drink.

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