Amenity rooms are available at an extra cost for women who request the privacy of a single room on the Maternity Ward. This leaflet provides information regarding the requesting of amenity rooms.

Amenity rooms

We have several newly decorated amenity rooms which have:

  • an en-suite bath or shower
  • tea and coffee tray
  • toiletries
  • television
  • and a folding bed for partners to stay overnight.

How much do amenity rooms cost to use?


A charge of £200.00 per overnight stay (or £100 if only used during the day) is made for this facility.

You will be required to sign an ‘Agreement to Pay’ form before you are discharged from hospital. An invoice will be sent to your home address and is payable within 28 days.

By using an amenity room you are agreeing to pay for a single en-suite room.

Your maternity/midwifery care remains the same as the care provided to all women and babies on the ward. You are not charged for maternity care or dietary choices. Food is provided for the patient only.

Is this facility always available?

Demand for these rooms is quite high and priority is given according to clinical need. We regret it is not possible to book a room in advance but we will try our best to accommodate your wishes.

If you experience complications during pregnancy or birth, you will be cared for where you can be observed more closely.

General information

Please be aware that while you are staying on the Maternity Ward or in an amenity room you are responsible for the safety of your personal belongings and valuables. Should anything go missing we cannot be held responsible. If you feel unable to take care of your property while you are staying with us please let your midwife know as she can arrange for your belongings to go to the General Office within the hospital for safe keeping until you are discharged.

Sometimes single rooms are required for women or babies with serious medical conditions, or when a mum and baby are separated soon after birth. If this happens the midwife in charge may ask you to move from your amenity room to a bay area.

Contact information

You can get more information about this service by contacting:

Private and Overseas Patients Manager
Ward 9a
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Tel: 0300 422 6880
Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm

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