While your child is staying at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, they will need to wear an identity wristband at all times. This information sheet explains why.

Why are identity wristbands so important?

  • They clearly state your child’s name and details, even if we know them really well.
  • They allow us check that the right patient is getting the right treatment.
  • They remind us of any allergies your child may have.

What information is on the identity wristband?

The wristband will be printed by your nurse during admission and has the following details about your child:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Hospital number
  • NHS number

How you can help us?

Please tell us if your child does not have an identity wristband within half an hour of being admitted. Check your child’s wristband every day you are with us and let us know straight away if:

  • the details on the wristband are not correct
  • the identity wristband is too loose or too tight or the writing becomes smudged.
  • your child’s wristband has been removed and has not been replaced.

And finally…

Please do not remove your child’s wristband at any time during your stay. It is waterproof so completely safe in the shower or bath. If you have any questions about patient identification wristbands, please talk to the nurse-in-charge on your child’s ward. This information has been adapted from an original leaflet produced by Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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