This page is a guide to managing your anxiety. Your therapist will give you guidance on how to use ‘The Mindful Hand’


Imagine going to a happy place that will calm you. Think of a happy place – somewhere you feel really calm. It may be a favourite holiday place, your garden or a walk. Imagine yourself there and look out at the view. Imagine looking around in the place you have chosen with a feeling of calm; listening to pleasant sounds and taking in nice smells.


Find an activity that helps distract you from feelings of anxiety.

These activities are personal to you and are things that you enjoy doing. This may be listening to the radio, listening to music, watching television or a DVD, reading, looking at photos, looking at birds in the garden, talking to a friend, taking a short walk, or using a fiddle toy for example. Do this until you feel calmer.


  • Sit quietly for 10 minutes –go to the Headspace app and use ‘Take 10’.
  • Be mindful while doing an everyday task such as walking, washing-up or cooking.
  • Have reassuring phrases to repeat. For example, the name of a safe place or ‘I’m in control of my breathing’.
  • Shift your focus to breathing – continuing breathes in and out – 1 to 10.
  • Focus on the environment around you – colours, smells, sounds, objects.
  • Look at the view out of the window.

Guided relaxation

Listen to guided relaxation exercises on CDs/online/Apps.

These will help you through a guided relaxation and help calm you physically and emotionally. Speak to your therapist or health practitioner about where to access good guided relaxation.

Anxiety diary

Get out your anxiety diary and write down how you are feeling – what is on your mind, what is worrying you, how you are feeling emotionally and physically. Write it as a letter to someone else or yourself if that helps.

You can reflect on the diary when you are feeling better and look at ways to break your anxiety cycle in the future. Identify what time of the day or night you feel most anxious.

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