The Gloucestershire Joint Formulary has been developed in agreement with Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust.


The chapters appear in the same order as the BNF. Where appropriate, local and national guidelines are included; please ensure only guidelines relevant to your sector of work are followed.

Searching for individual drugs

Individual drugs can be located using the search, which will identify which chapter(s) the drug appears in. Once on the relevant chapter, either scroll down to find the drug or click 'Ctrl' and 'F' and type the drug name.


Formulary approved drugs have been separated into the following categories according to effectiveness, safety and cost:

  • Recommended: First-line choice
  • Alternative: To be used if there is a good reason why the first-line choice is unsuitable (e.g. contraindicated, not tolerated, not effective etc.)
  • Specific Indication: Drugs that may only be used in specific situations


  • 'Red' drugs should only be prescribed in the hospital / Secondary Care setting or by a Specialist
  • 'Amber' drugs should only be initiated / advised by a Specialist, but ongoing prescribing may be transferred to Primary Care. A Shared Care Guideline (see traffic light system) must be provided when transferring prescribing responsibility from Specialist / Secondary Care to Primary Care for all drugs that require specific monitoring / titration
  • 'Green' drugs may be prescribed in both Primary and Secondary Care
  • Treatment Guidelines – please ensure only guidelines relevant to your sector of work are followed

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