Listed below are a number of frequently used local treatment guidelines. Please use the search function above if the guideline you require is not listed. Alternatively, search for treatment guidelines hosted on the GHNHSFT intranet (intranet access required).

1 Gastrointestinal System

2 Cardiovascular System

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)

Adenosine infusion (for Fractional Flow Reserve testing)


Andexanet alfa (Ondexxya®) for reversing rivaroxaban or apixaban in acute, life-threatening G.I. bleeds

Anticoagulants (oral) - management of bleeding

Anticoagulants – switching


Cancer Associated Thrombosis

Clopidogrel / PPI interaction

Contrast-induced Nephropathy Prophylaxis

DC cardioversion for AF on CCU

Digoxin - being updated

Digoxin overdose - DigiFab

Direct Oral Anticoagulant (DOAC) 'Bridging' Protocol - Management of DOACs / NOACs During Elective Procedures

DOAC choice

DOAC reversal for acute, life-threatening bleeds

Dobutamine infusion

Fluid Resuscitation - intranet


GTN infusion chart

HbA1c testing and glucose control in ACS

Heparin (unfractionated) infusion

Idarucizumab (Praxbind®) for reversing dabigatran in acute, life-threatening bleeds

Iloprost for Critical Ischaemia or Severe Raynaud’s Phenomenon - intranet


Labetalol infusion chart - intranet

Lipid Pathway (secondary prevention)

Noradrenaline (peripheral infusion)

Post-Carotid Endarterectomy Hypertension management


Prophylaxis/Treatment of VTE in COVID-19

Prophylaxis/Treatment of VTE in renal impairment

Statin Guideline

Thrombolysis options during Alteplase shortage

Thrombolysis of Massive Pulmonary Embolus (PE) - intranet

Thrombolysis of STEMI (contingency 2020)



Warfarin Initiation

Warfarin 'Bridging' Protocol - Management of Warfarin During Elective Procedures

Warfarin: Management of high INR or bleeding

3 Respiratory System

4 Nervous System

5 Infection

6 Endocrine System

7 Genito-urinary System

8 Immune System and Malignant Disease

9 Blood and Nutrition

Hypercalcaemia (tumour-induced)







Cosmofer® (iron dextran) total dose infusion guideline

Cosmofer® (iron dextran) administration - see Medusa or sample drug chart

Diafer® (iron isomaltose) administration - see Medusa

Ferinject® (ferric carboxymaltose) administration - see Medusa or sample drug chart

Monofer® (iron[III] isomaltoside 1000) administration - see Medusa or sample drug chart

Feraccru® (ferric maltol)

Preoperative management of anaemia

Anaemia and Iron Deficiency in Oncology Patients

Vitamin B12 deficiency treatment

Vitamin D deficiency treatment

Vitamin D Rapid Loading: Bone Health Specialist Protocol - Inpatient use only

Vitamins / Minerals Policy

Intravenous Fluid Management – intranet

Plerixafor - stem cell mobilisation

10 Musculoskeletal System

11 Eye

12 Ear, nose & oropharynx

13 Skin

14 Vaccines

15 Anaesthesia

16 Transfusion Medicine

17 Miscellaneous