The Big Space Cancer Appeal

Cheltenham General Hospital Transforming cancer care across the region, from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, South Worcestershire and the Borders
Cheltenham General Hospital

Cancer care across Gloucestershire will be transformed under plans for a new specialist facility at Cheltenham General Hospital.

Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity is working jointly with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to make this innovative centre a reality - our vision is to improve cancer care by creating a modern environment for patients with digital consulting rooms, space for state-of-the-art research, as well as therapeutic outside space.

These new facilities are over and above what the NHS alone could provide and will enhance the medical expertise and cancer treatment currently provided for patients by the Trust.

Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity Associate Director, Richard Smith: “These new specialist facilities will transform cancer care and make a lasting difference for the 5,000 people in Gloucestershire who need cancer treatment each year.”

“This will be a space which provides the best possible patient experience, with a therapeutic environment which matches the clinical expertise of our amazing local cancer team.”

“Thanks to a number of pledged donations, we are already some way towards raising the money needed for the project, and we will be launching a wider appeal later this year so that local people and communities can also get involved.”

The Trust’s regional Oncology Centre is based at Cheltenham General Hospital, where cancer care is provided by a multi-disciplinary team whose work supports a population of 1 million in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties – including Herefordshire, parts of South Worcestershire and the borders.


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