Supporting local cancer care

Specialist Care and Support Your donations help to fund specialist care, state-of-the-art equipment and groundbreaking research at the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre
Specialist Care and Support

Specialist cancer care support

Funded by your donations, the Focus Support Centre offers information, help and advice for local cancer patients and their loved ones in the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre. The team work alongside a committed group of volunteers to provide patient support at every step; from a diagnosis of cancer to advice during and beyond their treatment. They offer daily support of pre-chemotherapy and pre-radiotherapy information sessions, together with practical and emotional advice to patients.

“We offer patient-centred care that is all about the individual and their needs. We can talk to the right people, signpost them to other support in the community and help them to understand they are not on their own. We will always try to do everything we can to provide the best care, advice and support for our patients, carers, families and loved ones. I like to think of the Support Centre Team as a kind of ‘safety net’ for our patients - we will always be there for them, every step of the way.”

Ali Williams, Focus Support Centre Manager

Research to improve future patient care

Your support has helped fund a number of cancer research roles across the Oncology Centre. Research studies will help us to offer emerging radiotherapy techniques, new and innovative treatment options and will be invaluable in our future planning.

“Being able to offer more patients the opportunity to take part in research, and the potential benefits this can bring, is just fantastic. It has been shown that patients treated at a research site can have better results, even if they are not actively taking part in a trial.” Chris Ford, Lead Cancer Nurse

State-of-the-art equipment

Thanks to kind donations, innovative equipment has been funded to help make a real difference to the patient experience at our hospitals. From transformative sky ceilings providing a welcome distraction during therapies to rise and recline chairs to help give that extra bit of comfort, scalp cooling equipment to help prevent hair loss, as well as the latest vein finder technology to help staff find the most effective vein for treatment.

Making hospital life better

Every donation you choose to give helps your local hospitals do more to care for you, everyone you love and our passionate NHS staff.