Charity funded Research Support Officer to help deliver new cancer trials

Research Support Officer.png Thanks to donations to our Focus fund, a new research role is helping to make a real difference for local cancer patients and NHS staff.
Research Support Officer.png

The Trust’s Cancer Trials Team have been successful in applying to take part in a number of new research trials and these studies will enable us to offer patients new and innovative treatment options as well as emerging therapy techniques. To help our experienced research team to deliver these results, Melissa Bagshaw has recently been appointed as a charity funded Research Support Officer.

“This is my first research role and I am really enjoying the challenge, no two days seem to be same! My main duties involve recruiting patients for the trial opportunities, performing assessments and observations, as well as helping with trial entry and data submissions. Lots of the patients I meet are really interested in signing up for the research trials we have available; they feel it’s a great way for them to give something back and to help other people in the future.”

Chris Ford, Lead Cancer Nurse, at the Trust said, “Being able to offer more patients the opportunity to take part in research, and the potential benefits this can bring, is just fantastic. It has been shown that patients treated at a research site can have better results, even if they are not actively taking part in a trial. With this new post we will be able to increase our research portfolio and the number of patients we can see. It also means that our existing team are more supported and able to spend time on the more complex trials.”

We would like to thank everyone who has donated to help support cancer research at our hospitals. If you would like to learn more about how your donations make a difference to local cancer patients, please visit our Supporting Cancer Care page.

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