You've done it! Thanks to you a new £600,000 CT Gamma Scanner has now been funded

Gamma Scanner 1 The state-of-the-art equipment is now in it's new home at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.
Gamma Scanner 1

This incredible technology was featured on BBC Points West news and more than 4,000 patients will benefit every year. This equipment will provide two specialist scans at the same time; an external CT scan and a gamma scan from within the body. The combination of images gives an incredible level of picture quality, helping to diagnose conditions which otherwise may not be found and reducing the number of hospital appointments needed.

"It's really exciting because the staff get a lot of satisfaction in their job, making sure that the patients get the best experience that they can. The patients have the best experience because they get to have their nuclear medicine scan and their CT scan done at one time."

Dr Janelle Reyes-Goddard, Head of Nuclear Medicine

Thank you to everyone who helped make this new scanner a reality to help support thousands of patients every year!

Image copyright: BBC Points West

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