New Charity funded Patient Space at Gloucestershire Hospitals A&E Department

Thanks to our supporters, a dedicated room in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital’s A&E department has been created as a much-needed safe haven for patients.

This dedicated room has been rejuvenated with a new specially commissioned artwork entitled “Untitled 2021/ A Moment to Pause”, helping to create a calm and soothing environment for patients experiencing mental health problems. Gloucester artist Christina Sadler, who goes by the name of Maker Who Doesn’t Make created the relaxing abstract piece inspired by practical sessions that were run with hospital staff and patients.

Mental Health Rooms 4.jpg

The project was coordinated by the Anoushka Duroe-Richards, our charitably funded Hospital Arts Coordinator. This is part of a wider project which focuses on ways we can improve the experience of our A&E department for patients, looking beyond the environment.

Jo Tym, was involved in the production of the artwork for this space, said: “Over past years, I have attended the emergency department at GRH quite a few times in mental health crisis and quite frankly, I dreaded being put in this room whilst awaiting treatment and assessment. It was for this reason that I leapt at the chance to be involved in the process of creating an artwork to be installed.”

“Waits in the emergency department can unfortunately be long at times and having a more abstract image means the room can mean different things to different people and they can use the image to create their own safe space whilst waiting.”

Mental Health Rooms 6.jpg

“Hopefully, thanks to the artwork, people needing to use this room in future will feel more at ease during their time in the emergency department and on beginning their journey to recovery.”

Richard Smith, Head of Fundraising, said “As a charity, we’re here to help our local hospitals do even more, whether through funding technology such as new CT Scanners, giving support to NHS staff, or through projects like this which enhance the hospital environment.”

“Creating a soothing space for patients, which will help them to feel calm and relaxed, really can make such a difference to their experience. Importantly it also supports staff in their work, so they are able to work as effectively as possible to give care to local people in emergency situations.”

It is thanks to donations, sponsorship and gifts in wills that we are able to fund amazing projects like these. We’re very grateful to everyone who has helped to make this possible.

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