BadgerNet digital system arrives in Gloucestershire

10 Jul 2023, 11:39 a.m.

Gloucestershire Hospitals is rolling out a new digital system in maternity services

The new system is called BadgerNet and is provided by a company called Clevermed. BadgerNet is a full electronic patient record (EPR) that supports clinical and administrative management of the entire maternity journey. BadgerNet is a trusted system used by maternity services across the country and will replace the current paper-based records.

The BadgerNet system will enhance the quality of care for patients, while also helping staff do their jobs more efficiently. BadgerNet EPR provides our clinical staff with a single point of access to the information they need to make fast, informed decisions to provide the best quality care to all our patients.

Digital Midwife Joanne Crisp says “Whether an expectant mum is seen by midwives in the community or comes to any maternity appointment, all the details of her pregnancy can be seen in real-time, from any location. Our team of digital midwives are excited to see this project becoming a reality and staff across maternity are telling us that they’re delighted that the new system will release more time for providing direct care.”

BadgerNet also comes with an online portal and app for expectant parents; BadgerNotes, which allows them to access their care notes throughout their pregnancy.

Joanne Crisp continues: “At your booking appointment, your allocated midwife will give you a code that allows you to access the BadgerNotes portal. From there, you’ll have secure real-time access to your maternity care record, which is populated with your information from the hospital maternity records.

Parents can also add their own information such as birthing plans or preferences and feedback and they will be ‘pushed’ important information like patient information leaflets, at the appropriate stage of pregnancy

Joanne Crisp, Digital Midwife

Records can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment and midwives do not have to double-enter data onto paper handheld notes, allowing them more time to focus on delivering personalised care. It also allows the whole maternity team to see and understand personal preferences and specific information; for example, if someone needs an interpreter or specialised support at each appointment.

Lisa Stephens, Interim Director of Midwifery comments: “We’re delighted to be rolling out this new portal from June and empowering the families we care for by giving them easy access to their notes.

“The app is easy to use, so we expect that most parents-to-be will enjoy the benefits almost straight away. This portal allows us to enhance our person-centred approach, putting families at the heart of their maternity care throughout their pregnancy and post-natal journey.

We’re committed to continually making improvements to our services to benefit the families we care for, and the staff caring for them. The new BadgerNet system, and the Badger Notes portal, is a fantastic example of that.

Lisa Stephens, Interim Director of Midwifery