Hearing services (Audiology)

Our team of experienced and highly-skilled hearing professionals will treat you with care and understanding and will pay particular attention to your individual hearing needs.

How do I get an appointment with a specialist?

If you are worried about your hearing and think you need some expert advice, please speak to your GP and ask them to refer you to an audiologist at one of our specialist clinics.

Hearing Services Contacts

If you need an appointment in Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury or North Cotswold (Moreton), please call our Central Booking Office on: 0300 422 6773 between 9am - 4pm

If you need an appointment in Gloucester, Stroud, Tetbury, The Vale (Dursley) or Lydney, please call our Central Booking Office on 0300 422 6919 between 9am - 4pm or email: ghn-tr.audiology.appts@nhs.net

Hearing aid consumables

If you require hearing aid batteries, flexi tubes, domes, filters, hooks or any other item that you might need for your hearing aid, please email: ghn-tr.hearing.services@nhs.net.

You can collect repaired hearing aids from 8.30am - 4.30pm at GRH and CGH only.

Hearing aid help leaflets

Hearing aid videos