Paediatric Audiology is a service that assesses the hearing of children. The service is jointly staffed by community paediatricians and an audiologist.

Your child will be seen by will be dependant on the details of their referral.

Your child will have been referred to us because a potential problem has been highlighted either with your child's hearing or in their development and this may need to be investigated further.

If your child has been referred to one of our Paediatric Audiology clinics then you and your child will be met by one of our team, who will explain the different tests that will be carried out in the appointment. The team will also ask questions to find out more about your concerns regarding your child’s hearing.

A wide range of Paediatric Audiology services are provided at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital. In addition, some services are also available at some outreach sites.

However, some of these hearing assessments can only be carried out in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital due to availability of specialist equipment.

What to expect from our service

As part of the New Born Hearing Screening Program we offer diagnostic hearing assessments such as OAE and ABR, for babies who are referred as part of this screening programme.

We also accept referrals from professionals within the community, should there be concerns about your childs hearing.

For older children, we carry out age-appropriate hearing assessment (such as VRA, play audiometry, speech testing and impedance testing). This allows us to assess children’s hearing reliably and to establish any existing hearing loss that requires further management within Paediatric Audiology. Where appropriate, onward referrals can be made to other professionals.

Contact Information

Children Hearing Services: 0300 422 8210

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