We are an NHS trust of around 8,000 people, providing care for the population of Gloucestershire and beyond.

Our Strategic Objectives, Mission, Vision and Values

To achieve the best for our patients, their families, our staff and our communities, we need cohesive and focused priorities for the coming years. It is important that we all pull together, with the focus on patients and our strategic objectives will ensure that this happens. If we achieve our objectives, we will move closer towards our vision of the future: Best Care for Everyone.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do and describe the way we expect our staff to behave towards our patients, families and carers and between each other. We have the following three values:

  1. Caring, patients said: "Show me that you care about me as an individual. Talk to me, not about me. Look at me when you talk to me."
  2. Listening, patients said: "Please acknowledge me, even if you can't help me right now. Show me that you know that I'm here."
  3. Excelling, patients said: "Don't just do what you have to, take the next step and go the extra mile."

Five-year Strategic Plan: 2019 - 2024

Our five-year Strategic Plan sets out an ambitious yet achievable programme to transform hospital services and provide care for the next generation of patients at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Cheltenham General Hospital and Stroud Maternity Unit. This plan, which we call Our Journey to Outstanding, includes significant and exciting transformation that will ensure we achieve our vision of Best Care for Everyone.

Delivering the Best Care for Everyone

We provide a wide range of specialist hospital services from our two main sites at Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals, as well as maternity services at Stroud Maternity Hospital.We have ambitious plans for the future to help us achieve our vision of delivering the Best Care for Everyone. Take a look at our strategic objectives.

Our organisation

Simple guides to our Trust

These Simple Guides have been produced to give rapid, at-a-glance information about a range of key topics and are designed to help colleagues to easily understand the way we do things at the Trust. Each has a brief outline of the key points and has useful links to the intranet or external websites that can provide additional information. The intention is for the guides to be extended to cover additional topics as and when they arise.

Trust Headquarters

Our Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Headquarters is based at Cheltenham General Hospital.

If you would like to share feedback, compliments, complaints and concerns, please see our Feedback section.

Please send all other written correspondence for the attention of our Executive Team to:

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Trust Headquarters,
Alexandra House,
2nd Floor,
Cheltenham General Hospital,
Sandford Road,
GL53 7AN.

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