Private patient care

By choosing to have your treatment as a private patient at our NHS hospitals, you are assured of a comprehensive range of general and specialist medical services on-site.

Why choose us?

Our operating theatres are fully equipped to undertake a wide range of surgery.

The administration of your admission to hospital will be managed by our Private Patients Office. You will be allocated a named administrator who is available to you in order to liaise with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you are adequately covered for the treatment you need and to assist with any other queries that you may have before your procedure.

We understand what an anxious time this can be for patients and our aim is to make this process as smooth as possible.

Supporting the NHS

Income generated by private patients is invested back into Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in order to assist in supporting the services, facilities and improvements provided to NHS patients. This benefits all patients who come to our hospitals.

Self-funding patients

If you don't have insurance you can still choose to fund your own private treatment. For some procedures it is possible to choose a fixed cost package which enables you to know the total cost before the start of your treatment.

All self-funding patients will be requested to pay the full cost of their treatment prior to admission. Payment may be made by credit or debit card, banker's draft or cheque.

Please note, the fixed cost surgery does not include private outpatient consultations before or after inpatient treatment or any ambulance transfers.

Where do I start?

Private medical treatment often begins as a result of an NHS appointment with your GP, at which you identify your wish for private treatment. Your GP will refer you to an appropriate consultant who will see you for a private consultation.

The consultant will require a referral letter from your GP before the consultation. Most of our consultants have dedicated private clinics off-site.

Contact our Private Patients Team

If you have any questions about private care at our hospitals, please get in touch:

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Cheltenham General Hospital

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