Our highly skilled clinicians are recognised internationally for their proven track record in cancer surgery, with outcomes that have been published in peer-review literature for nearly 20 years.

Our clinical expertise covers a wide range of conditions including:

  • detection and management of Barrett's oesophagus and associated dysplasia (cell abnormalities).
  • management of upper gastrointestinal stromal tumours and sarcomata (rare types of cancer found in the digestive system), and also both simple and complicated gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. The team have extensive experience of upper GI diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy to diagnose and treat some conditions such as ulcers, intestinal bleeding and gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach).
  • operations for weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery), including gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures. We work with the specialist weight management service.

Our staff are committed to providing high quality, personalised care in a safe and comfortable environment. This team consist of Consultant Surgeons, medical and clinical oncologists, specialist radiologists, palliative care specialists and clinical nurse specialists.Our clinical nurse specialists provide you with a key link to our service and provide advice and support throughout your care.

The Clinical Nurse Specialists for Upper GI are:

  • Gaynor Jones
  • Lisa Quemby
  • Kelly Weir