Ward 2A

0300 422 6776

Outpatient Booking Office

0300 422 5999

Vascular laboratory, Cheltenham

0300 422 4227

Vascular laboratory, Gloucester

0300 422 5618

Our Vascular Surgery team specialisms is treating diseases of the Vascular system (arteries and veins).

About us

Our team of specialist vascular professionals provide a full range of vascular care for our patients in a range of vascular diseases.

Our service is based at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, however we also hold outpatient clinics at Cheltenham General Hospital, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Hospital Swindon, Lydney, Dilke, Stroud, Cirencester, Bourton, and Moreton in Marsh.

Local healthcare professionals can access specialist vascular advice via the CINAPSIS smart referral service during on call hours.

Urgent vascular clinics are held Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and provide urgent reviews for patients presenting with urgent vascular symptoms. This can be organised by healthcare professionals via discussion with the on call vascular team via CINAPSIS. If CINAPSIS is unavailable to you, contact the on call vascular team via the trust switchboard.


We are based at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on Ward 2A.


Mr Richard Bulbulia

Mr David Cooper

Mr Sachin Kulkarni

Mr Sharath Paravastu

Mr Richard Wilson


Vascular Disease Awareness Month prompted us to start a charitable fundraising page and to complete some tough challenges as a team.

The JustGiving page is still open - as we would like to continue raising money for new equipment and supplies for our ward.


Booking office: 0300 422 5999

Ward 2A: 0300 422 6776

Vascular laboratory

Cheltenham: 0300 422 4227

Gloucester: 0300 422 5618

Switchboard: 0300 422 2222

Mealtimes and catering

You will be given a choice from a daily menu for all our freshly prepared meals. Ward staff will advise you of the meal times, which may vary slightly from ward to ward.

Beverages: Served throughout the day.

There are a variety of shops and restaurants in our hospitals.

Going home

When you arrive on the ward your nurse will advise you approximately how long your stay in hospital will be. We hope you have already made some plans and preparations for your discharge and how you will manage when returning home.

Discharge planning starts as soon as you are admitted as we like to know your social circumstances and give you a proposed date for discharge. A more definite date is normally given 24 hours before your discharge. For your discharge to go ahead, the team looking after you will ensure that you are fit and ready.