Diabetic medicine

Outpatient Booking Office (Appointments)

0300 422 5327

Cheltenham General Hospital

0300 422 3142

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

0300 422 8615

The diabetes service provides help and support for diabetic patients to help them manage their condition.

Outpatient services

We provide the following clinics:

  • General diabetes
  • Young adults clinic
  • Joint diabetes/renal
  • Insulin pump clinic
  • Antenatal clinic
  • Joint pituitary clinic
  • Lipid clinic

What to expect in clinic

  • On arrival at the clinic please report to the receptionist
  • You will be seen by a clinic nurse who will check your height, weigh you and measure your blood pressure. You will also be asked details of your last eye screening and foot examination
  • The doctor that you see will be a consultant or a member of their team. There may be medical students present, but you have the right to ask to see the doctor alone
  • In clinic you will have the opportunity to see the Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Dietitian and Podiatrist.

Inpatient services

Our inpatient services are based at Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals.