This service provides care for people living with type 1 diabetes who use insulin pump therapy.

The insulin pump therapy service includes:

  • insulin pump starts
  • pump upgrades
  • support with insulin pump management

This is a multidisciplinary service where you will meet with:

  • a diabetes Consultant
  • a diabetes specialist nurse
  • a diabetes specialist dietitian

These clinics run at both Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH) and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH). The specialist nursing and dietetic team also run monthly joint pump clinics for support between your consultant appointments.

We consider eligibility for insulin pump therapy on a case by case basis, in line with NICE guidance.

As an organisation we also use a pump pathway, which we work through with all patients considered for potential pump therapy. Please discuss this with a member of the team if you would like more information.

Testing basal rates with your insulin pump

Insulin pump daily diary

Uploading your insulin pump

Medical device awareness card

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