How much does parking cost?

Shown below is the current parking tariff, for both Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital sites:

  • Up to 1 hour £2.40
  • Up to 2 hours £4.00
  • Up to 3 hours £5.60
  • Up to 4 hours £6.60
  • Up to 6 hours £7.90
  • Up to 24 hours £10.80
  • Weekly: £16.00
  • Concession: £32.00

Take a look at our parking exemptions and reduction information page for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 20 minutes grace facility for ambulance, public and disabled drop-off/pick-up that also enables people the opportunity to find a car parking space - this is not advertised on the tariff boards.

Our parking charges are in line with other car parks in Gloucester and Cheltenham to discourage people who are not visiting our hospitals from parking in our car parks.

How do I pay for my parking?

There are two types of visitor car parks on our hospital sites:

Pay and Display – using one of the machines situated within each car parking area and displaying your purchased ticket in your windscreen.

Pay on exit – take a ticket at the barrier and pay at a machine on foot before returning to your car. Please follow the instructions at each machine.

Do the machines accept credit cards?

You can pay by cash, credit or debit cards, and the ‘pay on foot’ machines will give change. The machines and the payment methods they accept are colour-coded as follows:

  • GREEN – Cash only
  • RED – Card only payment (i.e. credit or debit cards)
  • YELLOW – Cash and Card payment.

Can I get help with the cost of parking?

Take a look at our Exemptions & Permits page to see if you are eligible for a scheme to help you with the cost of parking