This page gives you information about the carbohydrate counting and Diabetes Education options for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

1. Face to Face group education

REACCT (re-education and carbohydrate counting) offers advice and support to help you learn new ways of managing your diabetes. It is suitable for those learning carbohydrate counting for the first time or those who would like an update.

REACCT is made up of 3 informal group sessions which are each about 3 hours long. The groups contain about 10 people and are run by a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian. The groups are held in both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital. It is important that you attend all of the sessions to get the most benefit.

Session 1 (Diabetes management)

This session aims to share the latest advice, such as newest insulins, technology and general diabetes management. The session lays the foundation for managing your diabetes and ensures that you are in the best position to begin carbohydrate counting.

Session 2a (Carbohydrate counting)

In this session you will be shown how to estimate the carbohydrate content of a range of food and drinks using several different methods. This will help you to have a better understanding of how food and insulin interact, and how this relates to your insulin doses. You will develop an insulin to carbohydrate ratio.

Session 2b (Carbohydrate counting reflection)

During this session you will be given the chance to reflect and discuss how you have managed carbohydrate counting since Session 2a. You will be able to reflect on your food diary or Libre log, to help you identify factors which most affect your blood glucose levels. You will also be introduced to different bolus advisors.

2. Virtual education

If you have attended REACCT in the past and would like a refresher on the principles of carbohydrate counting, or if you wish to learn about it in your own time, we offer two online options.

Option 1: A pre-recorded teaching session (60 to 90 minutes)

This involves watching a 35 minute teaching video, delivered by the diabetes team, on YouTube. There are activities to complete as you go along.

You will be encouraged to complete a food diary or your Libre log afterwards, and a member of the team will work with you to review your personal diabetes management.

Option 2: Online e-learning (BERTIE) (90 to 180 minutes)

BERTIE is an online education programme. You will be sent a link to create an account. From there, you can access the e-learning. There are 3 modules to complete, each taking about 30 to 60 minutes. You can complete all 3 modules in one sitting or split them up. There is an opportunity to share your experiences online with other people who have completed this learning.

How do I book?

Booking face to face group education

Using the details below, please email or telephone the Diabetes Medical Secretary. You will then be sent dates and times for the groups that you are booked on.

Booking virtual education

Please email or telephone the Diabetes Medical Secretary. You will need to state which option you prefer, either

option 1, the pre-recorded teaching or option 2, the online e-learning BERTIE. You will then be sent the appropriate details by email or letter, including how to access your chosen virtual education.

Contact information

Diabetes Medical Secretary

Tel: 0300 422 8607

Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm

Please leave a message with your name and contact details. We aim to return your call within 48 hours.

Email address:

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