Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

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Our therapists offer assessment and treatment of communication and swallowing difficulties in adults.

About us

We assess communication and/or swallowing difficulties at an outpatient appointment and work closely with patients and their families or carers to provide advice or treatment as appropriate. We offer clinics at a range of locations throughout the county.

Treatments offered include:

  • voice therapy
  • stammering
  • aids to help with communication
  • communication/swallowing after stroke
  • communication/swallowing after a head injury
  • communication/swallowing associated with long term neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease or Motor Neurone Disease
  • communication/swallowing after cancer of the head and neck
  • videofluroscopy – This is an x-ray which allows the Speech and Language Therapist to view a patient's swallow, to assess the severity of the difficulty; strategies may also be recommended to manage it. Videofluoroscopy may be requested whilst the patient is an in hospital, or it can be arranged as an out-patient appointment
  • Voice Clinic - a specialist clinic where video or photographs are taken of the larynx to help with treatment planning.

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