Emergency Department (ED)

You can access urgent care 24-hours-a-day, every day of the year at our hospitals.

Last updated: 22 October 2020

In our hospitals, all urgent and emergency care is provided from our two A&E departments at Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We have made temporary changes to emergency care in our hospitals, in order to help us to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Normal service is due to resume no later than 1 July 2021.

Find out more information about changes to our emergency care service.

Get advice with ASAP

We know that it's not always easy to know where to go when you need help with illness or injury but it's not an emergency.

For most everyday ailments, a trip to A&E is not the answer.

The ASAP website and App allow you to ‘Search by Service’ or ‘Search by Condition’ – providing a step-by-step guide through symptoms, self care and signposting to the appropriate NHS service.

Take a look and download the app now.

What is an emergency?

An emergency includes:

  • life or limb-threatening injuries
  • serious head injuries
  • chest pain
  • severe abdominal (stomach) pains
  • heavy bleeding
  • broken limbs (fractures)
  • choking
  • breathing difficulties

Urgent care for children

Our leaflet about children's emergencies gives parents a handy guide to symptoms and where to take your child when they need medical attention.

Minor injuries

If your child has a minor injury it may be best for them to attend your local Minor Injury Unit or GP rather than the Emergency Department (A&E). Please visit the ASAP site

Urgent care

If your child is critically ill or needs to be admitted to one of our hospitals please call 999 and they will be taken via ambulance to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH).

This is where our specialist paediatricians (children's doctors) are based and they can provide your child with the care they need.

Please note there is no longer a paediatric assessment facility at Cheltenham General Hospital so if your child is likely require an overnight stay in hospital and you are bringing them to hospital yourself, please go straight to GRH.

Urgent care if you are pregnant

If you become unwell while pregnant and need to attend the Emergency Department (A&E) you may be transferred to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where you can be cared for with the help of trained obstetricians and midwives who are based in our state-of-the-art Women's Centre.

If you have a general concern about your health during pregnancy please call your midwife for advice, or call our Maternity Advice Line or the delivery suites or birth units for advice and support. Read more about our maternity services.