Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

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8am - 4pm

Cheltenham General Hospital

0300 422 4363

8am - 4pm

We aim to provide a responsive, supportive and comprehensive specialist nursing service throughout the county to patients who need a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy or internal ileo-anal pouch.

We provide the following services for our patients:

  • Pre-operative counselling/support/education
  • Peri-operative support/teaching
  • Community visits
  • Monthly community clinics
  • Provision of product samples
  • Prescription reviews
  • Private sector
  • Training/education for multi-disciplinary/community

We also offer training for healthcare professionals at a nominated venue or organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Planned admission

Patients coming for surgery, which may result in the formation of a stoma, are seen at pre-admission clinic or in the stoma care clinic. We provide our patients with information leaflets, samples of appropriate appliances, a training DVD and a training stoma device.

The importance of correct positioning of the stoma will be discussed and demonstrated during the pre-admission appointment.

Contact details and, where possible, a named stoma nurse will be provided.

Patients are seen again on the day of admission when we will check the understanding of the surgery and discuss the stoma.

Inpatient services

Our stoma nurses are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. Messages can be left on the answer phone outside of these hours.

The stoma nurses provide assessment and treatment of stoma-related problems.

They will provide teaching and support on stoma care to patients and carers which include:

  • Changing the stoma pouch
  • How to maintain healthy skin
  • Dietary issues

Supporting carers as required.

All necessary stoma equipment will be provided whilst patients are in hospital.

Patients are provided with a pack containing:

  • Pouches
  • Disposal bags
  • Dry wipes
  • Scissors
  • Skin protection wipes and adhesive remover if necessary.

Discharge from hospital

All patients are provided with:

  • One month’s supply of pouches
  • Information on how to contact the department
  • Information leaflets on support groups/dietary information/clinic times/information on caring for their stoma
  • Information on how to obtain more stoma pouches either from their GP/local pharmacy or a dispensing contractor
  • Date of first telephone contact will be arranged.

After discharge from hospital, we will:

  • Telephone our contact within one week of discharge
  • Make a home visit or clinic appointment arrangement for one week to ten days after discharge
  • Attendance to the patient's nearest stoma care clinic will be arranged when appropriate for regular review.

Outpatient services

After initial post-discharge care, patients can attend a clinic or request a home visit (restrictions apply on home visit availability) if they experience any problems or have any queries.

Our stoma care nurses may be contacted by telephone to discuss any problems which do not require an appointment, for example any dietary queries or prescription problems. Healthcare professionals also have the option of contacting the stoma care nurse by email or bleep.

Useful contact numbers

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital: 0300 422 6702

Tuesday mornings 9am–12.30pm

Thursday mornings 9am–12.30pm

Cheltenham General Hospital: 0300 422 4363

Monday mornings 9am–12:30pm

Wednesday mornings 9am–12:30pm

Community Clinics

Outpatients Department, Cirencester Hospital: 0300 422 4363

4th Tuesday each month 9:00am – 12:40pm

Outpatients Department, Lydney Hospital: 0300 422 6702

3rd Tuesday of each month 9.00am - 15.00pm

Outpatient Department, North Cotswolds Hospital, Moreton in Marsh: 0300 422 4363

3rd Friday each month 9.00am - 13.00pm

Bowbridge Outpatient clinic, Stroud General Hospital: 0300 422 6702

2nd Wednesday each month 9.00am - 15.00pm

Outpatient Department, Tewkesbury Hospital: 0300 422 4363

1st Tuesday each month 9.00am – 12.00pm

Outpatient Department, Vale Hospital, Dursley: 0300 422 6702

1st Tuesday of each month 13.30pm - 16.30pm