Trauma and orthopaedics

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

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Cheltenham General Hospital

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Our surgeons are committed to ensuring patients receive the best possible treatment and care.

About us

We understand orthopaedics. Our consultants provide expertise and our multi-disciplinary teams deliver truly outstanding care.

Our specialist surgeons are ready to treat you regardless of where you live and we offer the full range of orthopaedic services for both young and old.

We also offer outpatient clinics at our hospitals and in the community to ensure the best continuity of care and the best possible outcomes.

The aim of the department is to provide an efficient, friendly and high quality service for all our patients. 

In addition to the numerous consultant-led clinics, specialised nurse and physiotherapy clinics are also held and our plaster rooms provide a specialised service to patients requiring plaster casts, braces and splints. 

Our consultants also look after trauma patients admitted to our hospitals as an emergency.

Our services

Shoulder surgery

Our specialist shoulder surgeons provide an advanced service using the latest techniques in arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction. We also provide:

  • rotator cuff disorders and impingement
  • acromio-clavicular joint disorders
  • shoulder replacement for arthritis
  • management of trauma including sports injuries.

Foot and ankle surgery

Our foot and ankle service is dedicated to the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of all types of foot and ankle problems deriving from sports injuries, accidents, hereditary and developmental conditions and all aspects of arthritis.

We perform thousands of procedures every year and have a specialist orthotics service as well as a multi-disciplinary team of physios, technicians and occupational therapy practitioners to help support you through diagnosis and treatment to recovery.

Hand and upper extremity service

Our hand surgery team treat conditions of the hand, wrist and peripheral nerves of the upper limb. They also use reconstructive surgery to improve upper limb function after nerve injury such as brachial plexus injury and spinal cord injury.

Our Hand and Upper Extremity Service encompasses a number of specialties including reconstructive and vascular surgery, radiology, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, pain management, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Conditions treated include: 

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis
  • ganglions and other swellings
  • management of 'tennis' elbow
  • management of degenerative elbow conditions, including elbow replacements
  • tendon disorders
  • sports injuries and acute trauma
  • dupuyten's disease.

Other services provided

  • Hip and knee surgery
  • Paediatric orthpaedic surgery
  • Soft tissue knee service