Body camera trial - Emergency Departments

10 Apr 2024, 11:49 a.m.

From Wednesday 10 April, we are introducing a 12-week body camera trial in our Emergency Department (ED) in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital that aims to increase security and safety for patients, staff and the public.

The trial has been initiated in response to increasing incidents of abuse and aggression both within ED and across our hospitals more widely. This forms part of our commitment to the health, safety and welfare of our employees, patients and visitors, which the Trust takes very seriously. We are taking this step to support the de-escalation of incidents and support action that is taken following safety incidents in terms of identifying and prosecuting any offenders.

The cameras will be worn by key staff in ED and also by the GRH security response team who may respond to other departments in the hospital but will only be activated during an incident of abuse, violence, aggression or security risk. Individuals who are being aggressive or violent will be informed that the camera is recording and the body cams will not be switched on during normal clinical activities.

There are stringent controls in place for the trial, where only our Risk, Health & Safety team can access any footage captured. All aspects of the trial will be compliant with Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) requirements.

Notices will be displayed in ED to confirm body worn cameras are present and may be in use during an adverse event. An evaluation will take place at the end of the trial.