Healthcare science week 2021

4 Mar 2021, 8:48 a.m.

As part of healthcare science week, Gloucestershire Hospitals is running a virtual Q&A, to showcase and celebrate the vital work of healthcare science and allied health professionals in our Trust.

Healthcare science Q&A

During the course of healthcare science week, we will showcase information about the different roles we harness at Gloucestershire Hospitals, through:

  • our social media platforms
  • sharing information with schools and colleges

Our Facebook live event runs on Saturday 13 March, and will celebrate the vitally important role our healthcare science and allied health professionals play in delivering excellent patient care in our hospitals.

These professions are often out of sight, so we want to raise awareness of the different pathways into healthcare science.

A career with the NHS is so much more than being a doctor or a nurse. Healthcare science is the hidden gem of the NHS, and there are over 50 specialisms in this area, providing the NHS with its scientific backbone.

Sana Khan, apprenticeships and careers coordinator

Programme of Q&A

Time Activity
10.15am Arrival
10.20am to 10.45am Meet and greet
10.45am to 10.55am Prep for the live event
11am Welcome
11.05am Cardiac science Q&A
11.12am Audiology Q&A
11.19am Biomedical science Q&A
11.26am Medical physics Q&A
11.33am Respiratory physiology Q&A
11.40am Medical engineering Q&A
11.47am Questions
11.57am Thank you and contact details

While healthcare scientists make up only 5% of our workforce, they are involved in 80% of diagnostic tests performed in our Trust. This scientific workforce is the best place to support the early adoption of the new technologies and techniques needed to help meet the future challenges of the NHS, and ensure that we remain a world leader in healthcare.

Tony Dix, head of medical physics and lead healthcare scientist
Healthcare Science Week 2021


We will also be sharing stories from our apprentices, who took the initiative to apply for our Trust's apprenticeship programme.

Apprenticeships are a great way to learn and earn on the job. They create opportunities for those who do not go to university, due to circumstance or different learning methods.

For more information, contact the lifelong learning team at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on 0300 422 5176, or email us at

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