Home Births: important snow update

11 Dec 2022, 1:12 p.m.

Due to heavy snowfall over parts of the county, we are unable to facilitate home births today (11 December) and overnight.


Update 12 December: the home birthing service has now been restored

This is because some areas are currently inaccessible without 4x4 transport and some community midwives are snowed in.

We have telephoned those directly affected by the suspension of this service today.

When we are unable to attend home births, people will be invited in to their local midwife-led unit.

We are currently prioritising transporting Midwives to the Gloucester Delivery Suite and the Gloucester and Stroud Midwife-Led Birth Units to ensure safe staffing levels for everyone.

If you are unable to transport yourself to any of our units due to the snowy conditions, please call the ambulance service for assistance.